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Dan's Bio

Dan Henry's journey started rough. He delivered pizza for 7 years and at one point sold water bottles just to pay his electricity. Today, he's a successful businessman and a WSJ best-selling author. His methods have led to several million-dollar days, accumulating $30 million in sales for his company. He also guided thousands in starting their own million-dollar ventures. Dan offers valuable insights into entrepreneurial growth that are brutally direct and straightforward.


Signature Talk

Crafting an Epic Pitch: Uncover the Formula to Forge a Powerful Brand, Thriving Business, and Impressive Bank Balance by Crafting an EPIC Pitch for Your Offer. Stand Out Amidst the Noise, Even If Your Offer Is Identical to Others.

The Money Brand Formula: Stop working so hard to sell. Create the thing that makes selling easy. Learn the proven brand formula used by top influencers to attract an army of loyal, paying fans.