Who Is The Best Mentor In The World?

Are you looking for the best mentor in the world?

Maybe you are looking for a single mentor who shares the same values and principles you do. The one person who seems to live the life you hope to live that can guide you to success. Maybe you’ve found someone who appeared to be the perfect mentor until you realized they made some choices you disagreed with.

You might feel like you can’t or shouldn’t follow someone you don’t wholly agree with.

If you struggle to find a mentor, you’re likely not taking the proper action in your business. You could be forced to search for success alone, hoping to learn from your mistakes instead of repeating them again and again. You could spend years making mistakes that cost you time and money without a mentor to show you the way.

I’ve been there too. Early on in my career, I made mistakes that could have been avoided with the help of a mentor.

If you’re tired of making mistakes and struggling to find the answers on your own, this video is for you. I created this video to show you how to discover who is the best mentor and get the most out of mentorship.

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • Who you should choose as your mentor and why
  • What it means if you discover you’re not completely aligned with your mentor
  • How having more than one mentor can fast track your success
Who is the best mentor in the world? Who’s the best mindset mentor? Who’s the best business mentor? Who’s the best possible person? The one person that you should listen to above anyone else and take every single word as truth? Well, I’m going to reveal that in today’s video, and don’t forget to subscribe and smash the like button as I release new videos like this every week. You don’t want to miss them.

Hey everyone, Dan Henry here, and in today’s video, I’m going to cover who’s the best mentor on the planet earth. Who should you listen to above anyone else? Who’s the best? And we’re going to really reveal the truth behind that today. Also, if you’re enjoying my videos, if you like what I’m doing, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down, let me know, smash that like button.

All right. So let’s hop right in. Over the weekend, I was watching the documentary, Becoming Buffet. This is the story of Warren Buffet. At one time, the richest person in the world, arguably the greatest investor known to man. And there was a point at the beginning of the documentary where I paid very close attention. And it really allowed me to understand how we should approach mentorship. And I’ll tell you the story.

At the beginning of the documentary, Warren Buffet is sitting in front of a group of children, and he says the following. He says, “Imagine that you were given a brand new car for free. It was yours, and it was free, but it’s the only car you’ll ever have. You’ll never get another car in your entire life. How well would you treat that car?” And he says, “You’d treat it like gold. You’d take care of it because it’s the only car you’ll ever have.” And then he says, “In this life, you get one body and one mind. So treat it like gold. Take care of it because it’s the only one you’ll ever have.”

Now, just five minutes later, in the same documentary, Warren tells the story of how every morning he has his wife put change in a cup. He takes that cup, puts it in his car, and every single solitary morning, he goes to McDonald’s and buys a McDonald’s breakfast, sausage, egg, and cheese, hash browns, what have you. It does not take a genius to realize that that is a massive massive contradiction. To say that you should take care of your body and your mind and treat it like gold, but every morning you go to McDonald’s makes zero sense. Now, what does that mean?

Does that mean that Warren Buffet is stupid? That we shouldn’t listen to him? No, it means he’s a human being. It means he’s fallible like every human being. It means he is not perfect, and not every single word that has ever come out of his mouth is something you should absolutely take to heart as truth. Look at Steve Jobs. People often talk about how they will go back, and they’ll listen to every interview Steve Jobs has ever said or done. Every speech he’s ever done, and they’ll study him. And that’s fantastic. I’ve done that. And I believe you should do that. But think about this on Steve Jobs’s deathbed; he talked about so many regrets and so many things he wished he hadn’t done. Now, if everything he had done was perfect, he would not have said that on his deathbed. And again, it illustrates that even the greatest minds in the world, even the most accomplished people to ever live, are not perfect. And they make mistakes.

When you think about who’s the best mentor I should learn from, who’s the best? There is no best. The best way to approach mentorship is to seek people who have done what you want to do, take from them what you can, and discard the things that don’t make sense to you, or that at least you’ve put in proper due diligence to understand. and then don’t make sense to you. Think for yourself. That is the point. You must think for yourself. You take from others what you can, and you bundle that up. You keep some, you discard some, and that creates your own mind. Think about it.

Think about all those people, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs. Do you think those people didn’t think for themselves? Do you think that they listened to someone else and took every single solitary thing they ever said as truth? Or do you think they took some things and discarded the rest and became their own mind? Well, I can guarantee you it’s the latter. And if that is true, then what do you think you should do?

Never, ever take just one person’s opinion. And I understand there are so many amazing mentors out there. There’s Warren Buffet. There’s Elon Musk. There’s Tony Robbins. There are so many, but do you think any of these people are perfect? They’re not. And I doubt that any one of them would tell you to only listen to them. I even say to my clients and my followers, listen, you’re on a journey with me. I’m learning with you. Just for some of you, I may be several steps ahead in that same journey, but it doesn’t mean that everything I say is perfect. And you should only listen to me.

You should think for yourself. You should listen to many and create your own mind. And so that is a piece of advice I would give to anyone looking for mentorship, anyone looking for advice, anyone looking to have a figure that they look up to. Always keep in mind that at the end of the day, if something doesn’t make sense to you, think for yourself.

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