Where Have I Been

Have you been wondering where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks?

You might know that I’ve recently sold my home and bought a penthouse in downtown St. Petersburg, but you might not know why…

I am constantly working to perfect my craft and grow my business. There are several benefits of living downtown, but the most important is how it will help me continue to grow my business.

Spoiler alert…

It’s probably not what you think!

If you’re wondering where I’ve been and how moving is going to help me grow my business, I created this video to give you a bit of a look at what I have been doing and share one of the most important things you can do to grow your business!

In this video, I’m going to cover:

  • Where I have been and what I’ve been doing
  • How moving is helping me to grow my business 
  • The three key aspects to doing great things in life.

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What’s up everybody, Dan Henry here. And I’m so excited because I just moved into my new place, and I finally have my camera and all my stuff set up to create YouTube videos and sales videos, and sales videos, and all that kind of stuff. So in this video, I’m just going to kind of explain where I was and my lack of videos. And, Danness out into the world.

So I sold my house over in Gulf Port, Florida, just a few weeks ago. And I closed on this new penthouse condo in downtown St. Petersburg. I had to stay at an Airbnb and one of the other properties that I own up north for a little over a week because the closing dates were a week apart. So I kind of didn’t have a place to call home for a week. And I lost probably virtually everything that’s important in the move and found all the stuff that I don’t need. And so it’s been a little bit difficult to do YouTube videos and do things like that.

But I finally got set up in here. It’s funny because I don’t have much furniture in this place, but I have my camera and my microphone, and I’m ready to put out more content videos. Also, I’ve got to do some new stuff for some of our sales stuff. So that is today’s update.

One of the things that I talked about in the last video I put out was, you know, why I sold my house. Let me talk a little bit more about why I decided to get into a condo and the theory behind that. So the thing is, is that there’s a lot of mental real estate that gets taken up with taking care of a home.

There’s dealing with maintenance and contractors and all kinds of stuff. And I get it. I have somebody that takes care of that for me. But still, when I’m sitting here recording a video like right now, literally half the time, somebody will knock on the door, and you know, like the bug guy. The bug guy, oh my gosh, the bug guy. He comes by the house every week to spray for bugs outside of the house. And every week he knocks on the door, and every week I say to him, Hey man, just spray for the bugs. You ain’t gotta knock on the door. I get it. You’re here. I don’t care. Just spray for the bugs. And every week, he’s like, oh yeah, just want you to know that I’m here. I don’t care! And so just constant interruptions at a house, especially in a yacht club community where all the stuff’s going on. So I decided that I would get a penthouse condo where I could be left alone, do my work, build my empires and create amazing content for the world to see and help them with stuff that I know.

I thought that this would be the best possible place to do that because in order to knock on my door here, you have to call a number. I have to buzz you in. So, I put my phone on silent. Guess what happens? You don’t get in. So I get ultimate focus here, plus its honestly pretty bougie. I apologize for the weird camera lighting, gonna get that all fixed, but you know, I just got set up.

Anyway. That’s it. I really don’t have anything else impactful to say; I’m not here to change your life today or teach you any business secrets. I thought I would just give you an update on where I was, what I’ve been doing, and why I moved. And ultimately, it’s a matter of focus. Because the truth is, is that we often think about focus in terms of things like, you know, a technique or a method or software or something like that. And in reality, focus is all about the world you create around you. And so, you know, for me, I knew that if I could create an environment where I would have more focus, it would help me build my companies faster. What better way to do that than a scaled-down, nice penthouse condo downtown? Everything’s close. Everything’s fast. I think I’m going to be really, really happy here. And I just can’t wait to share more with you guys and really be able to pump out some stuff. I got some amazing stuff coming up with HowToThink.com, my planner, that’s doing very well. And, you know, showing you guys more about how to grow your business, because remember, if you want to do great things in life, there are three key areas.

There’s mindset, understanding how to have the proper mindset. There’s productivity. You gotta get stuff done. And there’s knowledge around building a business. And those are the three things I’ve focused on helping with. So I look forward to continuing to serve.

Don’t forget to subscribe. And I do have a big announcement on the next video of some fundamental changes I’m making to my business and my YouTube channel and why things are going to be pretty different around Dan Henry land. So stay tuned for that.

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