How Victoria Grew Her Brand New PR Company to $100,000 in Just 90 Days

Ever felt like you were stuck between a rock and a hard spot?
Needing to make ends meet somehow and wanting to start your own company but needing some direction?
Victoria traveled all over Europe as an Opera Singer, and quickly found out if she wasn’t singing, she wasn’t eating either.
Forced to take a new route to survive, she started her own company not knowing that it would lead to 100k in 90 days!
She knew she had a great framework, she also knew she needed a mentor…
Victoria dove in headfirst and through following the path laid out in my program she poured rocket fuel on the fire!
Recently, I sat down to chat with Victoria. So if you’re ready to hear how Victoria went from Opera Singer to PR Pro then watch her interview above!
In this video, Dan and Victoria will discuss:
  • Why Victoria knew she had to work with Dan and his team instead of anyone else
  • How she implemented Dan’s teachings to get her brand new company to 100k in 90 Days
  • AND… the unexpected personal benefits she has seen in her life since the success of her program!

Dan Henry (00:00):

Hey everybody. Dan Henry here from And I’m so excited today because I have Victoria with me, one of our most successful clients and Victoria was able to start a brand new PR company where she helps people get press and she works with clients to get more press and exposure and who she was able to grow that company to a hundred thousand dollars in just 90 days. Victoria, how you doing?


Victoria (00:31):

Thanks so much for having me, Dan. It’s a pleasure to be here.


Dan Henry (00:34):

I’m super excited to talk to you as well. Awesome. Awesome. So let’s go ahead and dive in. I can’t thank you enough for coming on here. Your story is very inspiring. Let’s start with that. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.


Victoria (00:50):

Yeah, so I have a PR company where I help internet marketers get more, press getting huge publications like Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC. So they can be seen as the number one authority in their niche and get instant credibility.


Dan Henry (01:06):

Awesome. Awesome. So you, you, you started this company, but you must have worked in PR done something with PR prior to this, and then you started this brand new company. What was your background like?


Victoria (01:16):

Yeah, well, I’m actually a trained opera singer and so I, yeah, it’s kind of funny my whole life. I was singing and I was actually touring in Europe and castles and cathedrals. And here’s the thing that they don’t tell you if you’re not singing, no, one’s buying your music. You’re not eating. Right? So I had to find out really quickly, how to get in magazines, you know, how to get all this press for myself or no one would buy my music. So it was something I didn’t even think about. It was just like survival, you know? Then when I started, I actually, I bought, I joined your program Dan a year and a half ago. That was my first foray into digital marketing. And I started a real estate lead generation company.


Dan Henry (01:54):

Oh, you bought the old, old program?


Victoria (01:57):

Old, old, old, yes. And that taught me everything I needed to know. And I was able to grow that company to six figures in nine months, not knowing anything about anything. Then I started really expanding my company just from organic methods by using organic methods and also PR and marketers started to pay attention. And they were like, how are you growing your company so fast? And I said, well, it’s PR, let me try to do this for other marketers, and hence, that’s where this company came from.


Dan Henry (02:25):

Wow. So you, you took your results, you figured out PR for not just your business, but your singing and all that. And then you started helping other business owners get more press and grow their companies that way. Correct?


Victoria (02:40):

Absolutely. They saw the success that I was having in my real estate lead generation business because of the PR. I was able to get an Inman brand ambassador. Inman is the number one real estate publication in the world. I became a contributor to it and they asked me to be a brand ambassador. They only asked 35 people, you can’t apply. You have to get nominated. So I got that title and I got all this real estate press like really quickly. And people said, how are you doing that? Show me how to do that for myself. So I did.


Dan Henry (03:10):

Wow. That’s awesome. So let me ask you, what was the problem that you had prior? Cause I know you got our old program a while ago that just it just covered Facebook ads and all that. We don’t, we don’t even sell that anymore. But you joined our coaching program. Let me ask you what was the problem you had before joining the program?


Victoria (03:36):

Yeah. Well, one of the reasons Dan, why I really wanted to join your program is because I knew I needed help. I knew that I was going to start a brand new company in a brand new niche, and I knew something about it, but starting a company and a brand new niche, I was scared, to be honest with you. I knew I need a mentor. I need someone to show me exactly what to do, or maybe I’ll be able to do it, but I won’t be able to do it quickly. You know, they always say if you want to go by yourself, you go there slowly. And far by yourself, further together. Right. Well, I knew that I wanted to get there quickly. So I knew I needed to jump on the call with you, your team because I wanted to take my company to the next level and I wanted to get it done fast and efficiently. I didn’t want to make mistakes. I wanted someone who’s already been there, knows how to do it, to show me so I can start a company and get it right. That’s exactly what I did. I was able to start my company right because I took a chance and invested in myself and in my business right from the beginning.


Dan Henry (04:35):

Awesome. Awesome. And you’re, I know you’re crushing it. You’re landing clients left and right. So let me ask you I mean, a hundred grand in 90 days from a brand new company, that’s absolutely amazing. So was there a reason that you chose to work with my company to grow your startup over any other company?


Victoria (04:58):

Yeah, and to be honest, I was really talked to by a lot of companies. Oh, you’re doing well. You should go to my company. You should go to my company, you know, but Dan, your company was the first one that I signed with and I got such amazing results from your old program, like such amazing results. I was able to learn Facebook ads immediately. I made an ROI from not knowing anything about anything in marketing. I made an ROI in my first month, with the first program I bought with you. So I trusted you already knew you knew what you were talking about. On top of that, your branding is top-notch. What I do is PR right? So I want somebody who understands the fundamentals of how important branding is, how important PR is for their overall company structure. So for me, it was a no brainer. I knew I had to go with you. You already knew what you were doing and I wanted to follow in your success.


Dan Henry (05:48):

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So I bet it was very easy to make the plunge when you got so much success from the first program. And it’s funny because the Facebook ads training we have in our coaching program is obviously, you know, you get better as you go. It’s just leagues above, even what that training was, you know. I know that you haven’t fully dived into the ad training for this company yet, and when you do it’s gonna blow your mind. Because we’re always updating it and making it better and, helping people grow, especially selling premium services, like your premium service or premium coaching, masterminds, digital products, et cetera. 


So speaking of that, was there any specific part of the program or aspect of the program that made it especially effective for you to make such a jump, to go from zero to a hundred grand and 90 days? Was there any particular aspect of the program that was especially effective for you?


Victoria (06:50):

Yeah. Week one and week seven. For those who don’t know what that means, the very first thing that Dan teaches in some of his programs, this is like, get that initial branding, tell people, this is what it is you do and don’t be shy about it, you know? And I’m all about branding. You know, obviously, Dan is too. So that was my biggest thing is not being afraid. And, I guess it was also a mindset shift, you know, I think a lot of times we get in our own heads and we think, who am I to say that I’m something when before I was something else. 


Everyone knew me as the real estate girl and now all of a sudden I’m telling people, no I’m doing PR. So there’s that little limiting belief in your head of who am I to say that, but, you know, listening to Dan’s first week and I was like, who am I not to say that I know what I’m doing? I’m getting results. I’m going to go all in. Then, of course, week seven was just it’s high ticket training, which was really cool and what I needed because I had never sold a program at high ticket before, you know, all my other programs were not that, but I realized what I was doing was changing people’s lives. What I was doing was getting people to press that they would never be able to get by themselves. I was making them industry leaders. So once I got over that limitation watch week seven, understood how it was to sell high-ticket. I was like, I feel like I’m unstoppable now.


Dan Henry (08:04):

Well, you know, it’s better for your clients when you charge a higher price, because number one, you get better clients and those clients are more driven to succeed. And to do what they’re supposed to do because they’ve got skin in the game and you, because you charge a higher price, you can give at a higher level and you can get better results. We have people that, you know, years ago bought my low ticket products and they got great results. Obviously, you got great results, but the people that buy my higher-end programs, which is, you know, the majority of my customers now they get even better results and not just in the ratio of what they spent, but their return is exponentially higher because they just get more attention and more support. 


So that’s why a premium offer, a premium service, a premium program is not only better for you, but it’s better for your client. So that’s amazing. I’m so excited for you. That’s a brand new company. That’s, you know, it’s like rocket fuel. For everybody that’s listening in a week, one is a lot about offer creation and a lot about getting the right mindset to get going. Then when you go to week seven and you make it there, you’re going to be selling a high ticket machine. 


So let me ask, and I understand you’re only in your first 90 days, but as a result of implementing what you learned in the program, can you expand on the results for your first 90 days


Victoria (09:37):

Well, it’s been incredible, it’s been beyond belief, to be honest with you. I feel like I was given a framework of how to grow so quickly because I feel like my, obviously my product is solid or people wouldn’t keep buying it and keep asking me for longer contracts with the PR. So obviously what I was doing was good, but the thing was, if I were to do it by myself, it would have been, I wouldn’t have made 100K in 90 days. We, 100K you know, in six months, yeah, absolutely. I knew what I had was good and I wanted to fast track that. So being in the program gave me the proper frameworks so that I could fast track my success because I had the framework, I had the offer laid out, all I had to do was follow the program and I knew how to structure my offer so that I could have exponential growth as opposed to slow growth.


Dan Henry (10:29):

Right, and you close over the phone for this, right?


Victoria (10:32):



Dan Henry (10:33):

How did the high ticket training we have in the program and, the support we have when we have a call where we help you with sales coaching, how did that impact you in getting on the phone with your clients and closing them at a premium price?


Victoria (10:53):

Yes. I have to say, Kelly, your saleswoman is the best saleswoman I’ve ever spoken to. She has helped me so much in selling and high ticket because the great thing about Kelly when I was talking to her I didn’t even realize I had all these limiting beliefs, because again, I had never sold a package at that level, even though I knew I was valuable, I still had limiting beliefs. She came in and she says, you know, you’re doing your clients a disservice by not charging this high price. You know, you’re doing yourself a disservice because you know you can do it. 


So she was breaking down not only how I can help me, but how I can help my clients. I’ve never thought about sales that way. And she really made me understand how I could help my clients, in what ways I could help my clients overcome their own limiting beliefs so that they could do the best decision for them. And that to me was like next level. Honestly, it was more than just about the sale. It was about how can I help people. So I can’t speak highly, more highly enough about her. It was fantastic.


Dan Henry (11:54):

You know, she’s great. We actually did a podcast episode recently and I had her come on and we talked about how selfishness actually prevents people from growing their business because, and especially in sales, because you gotta think, right, you’re really good at press. There are probably hundreds of people out there that sell a very similar offer that you sell, but they don’t do anywhere near as good of a job. If you were to not move forward if you were to not invest in yourself if you were to not have the willpower to get on the phone, offer your services for a premium price to your clients, they’re going to give that money to somebody else and they’re going to get a subpar result. 


So I believe it is your duty to sell it to them because you’re going to do a better job. The only reason you wouldn’t and a lot of people say this is they feel uncomfortable asking for money. They feel uncomfortable selling over the phone. They feel uncomfortable charging a premium price so they can deliver a premium service. What ends up happening is they let their own selfishness, they want to avoid feeling uncomfortable and they let that get in the way of impacting people and changing people’s lives. That is selfishness. 


So, you know, by letting go of that and just embracing the fact that, yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable to take a risk. It’s a little uncomfortable to ask for money, but that is part of the game and eventually, you get over that, especially when you start to see how much you’re impacting students’ lives. I mean, you know, it’s funny because some people say I’m an entrepreneur, but if you look up the definition of an entrepreneur in the dictionary, it literally says someone who is willing to take on greater than the normal financial risk to build a business.


So if you say you’re an entrepreneur, but you’re not willing to take greater than the normal financial risk to grow your business, then by the literal Webster’s dictionary definition, you are not an entrepreneur, you’re a poser. So understanding that if you truly want to be an entrepreneur, it does take risks, not just monetarily, but it takes the risk to put yourself out there and to ignore haters, ignore criticism, and just keep going and look at what you’ve done. You took the risk and you’ve made 100K in 90 days. And that’s amazing.


Let me ask you Victoria. The money’s great. That’s all fine. But how has the increase in your business, how has this impacted your actual personal life? Like what has changed in your life as a result of having this increase in income?


Victoria (14:33):

It’s been unbelievable. I can’t explain it, I guess. You’d think, Oh, you know, I guess you sort of think in the movies when you like win a million dollars or something, you think you’re going to buy all these things. Like in your mind, you think that’s, what’s going to happen. But in reality, what happened was different. What happened to me was I became so much more giving and I saw so much more abundance. 


You know, I moved out to I’m here for a month in Iowa. I’m in Iowa right now and I was living in Las Vegas, but I’m here visiting my sister. I realized I get to take time. I only have one life and I’m going to take that to spend with people that I love my family. So I’m here with my sister and my little godson and we’re having so much fun. I love it. 


I’m more giving an abundant than I’ve ever been in my life. I feel so empowered and so grateful every single day I wake up and I’m like, God, thank you so much, I’m alive. And I love Iowa. Never thought I’d say that. Like I love my life. Things are great. And I just feel so grateful and abundant, and I don’t feel like I need to buy a new car and I need to buy that. Like, I feel like I can now, but I don’t really want to. All I want is to share my abundance with others and be around people that I love. It’s amazing.


Dan Henry (15:53):

That’s awesome, Victoria. I’m so excited for you, so proud of you. I’m going to ask you one more question. I know your time is valuable, so I don’t want to take up too much of it, but I’m going to ask you one final question. 


If somebody is watching this interview right now and you know, perhaps they’ve read my book perhaps they’re interested in working with my company to help grow their business or help grow their startup and they were on the fence. They’re not sure. What would you tell them?


Victoria (16:17):

Oh my gosh. Trust yourself. Trust the process. Trust Dan. If you feel like this is the right thing to do, do it. You know, I was right there with you a year and a half ago. I didn’t have any money in my bank account. I was literally guys, I went from singing opera and castles and cathedrals in Europe to being a gondolier at the Venetian singing and rowing a boat because I didn’t know how to get a job. I didn’t have any skills guys. I had no life skills, you know? And so I was thinking, I don’t even, I think I only had a thousand dollars in my bank account, but I went all in. You know, I was like, I will find the money somehow because this is worth it. I’m worth it. My life is worth it. 


You only get one life guys, go all in. Dan has shown you time and time again that he knows what he’s talking about. All you have to do is follow the blueprint that is already laid out for you. If you’re stuck with mindset, there’s even mindset stuff. If you’re stuck with sales, there’s sales stuff, systems, and processes, there’s systems and processes, stuff. Trust yourself, guys, there is a community out there of people who want to support you and want you to succeed. Join that abundance. You deserve it.


Dan Henry (17:27):

Thank you so much, Victoria, and thank you so much for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I am so proud of you. Thank you for joining me today, and I can’t wait to see you instead of having a hundred thousand in 90 days, you’re having a hundred thousand dollars months, and I know you will. We’re going to work with you to make sure that happens. Thank you so much for coming on today.


Victoria (17:45):

Thank you, Dan. Appreciate it.


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