Ever felt like you were stuck between a rock and a hard spot?
Needing to make ends meet somehow and wanting to start your own company but needing some direction?
Victoria traveled all over Europe as an Opera Singer, and quickly found out if she wasn’t singing, she wasn’t eating either.
Forced to take a new route to survive, she started her own company not knowing that it would lead to 100k in 90 days!
She knew she had a great framework, she also knew she needed a mentor…
Victoria dove in headfirst and through following the path laid out in my program she poured rocket fuel on the fire!
Recently, I sat down to chat with Victoria. So if you’re ready to hear how Victoria went from Opera Singer to PR Pro then watch her interview above!
In this video, Dan and Victoria will discuss:
  • Why Victoria knew she had to work with Dan and his team instead of anyone else
  • How she implemented Dan’s teachings to get her brand new company to 100k in 90 Days
  • AND… the unexpected personal benefits she has seen in her life since the success of her program!