Who said you can’t sell online courses during a pandemic? 

I get it, “everyone is losing their jobs right now, so no one has the money to buy.” Right?

But take my student Tin, for example, who joined my program recently. 

He took my proven system, and right in the middle of this pandemic, he did his very first webinar and turned it into $20K in a few hours.

And the funny thing is, he did it BEFORE he even created his course! (But more on that in this brand new video!) 

In this video, Tin will share with you some of the biggest things he learned along the way, like:

  • What processes he reversed engineered to create an income for himself, based on his passion.
  • How he learned to question and truly hear what his customer REALLY wanted (hint: it’s not what he actually thought they wanted!)
  • Why the “guru’s” you think can teach you to be a master at your trade, actually can’t… and how to distinguish the difference
Watch Tin’s story and take notes!