“But Dan, you talk about high-ticket offers so frequently… does this mean that low-ticket offers are they worthless?”

I hear this question ALL the time. 

I’m here to tell you that while high-ticket offers DO bring higher levels of success, that is not to say that low-ticket offers are junk. 

Because they aren’t. 

Today I’m going to share with you a recent interview I did with my student Tin Man Lee. You may remember him, as I’ve shared his successes in previous emails…

Well, Tin is still out here just absolutely crushing it. In fact, even during a pandemic lockdown, he’s still pre-selling tickets and collecting deposits to his in-person events for NEXT year… 

With only $5,500 in Facebook ad spend, he’s made $220,000 in revenue just by following the steps in my program! 

That’s incredibly nuts! 

Tin is a prime example of how to take a low-ticket offer (priced at $997) and turn it into a revenue-creating powerhouse.

In this video, Tin and I will discuss:

  • What steps Tin has taken to bring in a revenue of $220,000 on an ad investment of only $5,500
  • Why connecting with your true passions to serve your students will outweigh your tech skills hands down
  • AND… why learning from the best is the fastest and smartest route you can take to hit your goals!