Are you tired of constantly hustling, knowing your business could be doing better, but just not quite sure how to scale? Meet Tara! She wanted to make an impact and show other women that “no matter who you are, you can create financial freedom for yourself and be living your gifts.” “I think so many people that are watching and are in this industry, wanting to give their gift in the world and live a life that is surrounded by what they want to do, but not have to work for someone else, right? That’s one of the reasons why we do this, to make an impact, but also have personal freedom.” Driven to make her business successful no matter what, she kept pushing. The CONSTANT hustle was tiring! She knew she needed to focus on the delivery of her products and services to grow, but she found herself still taking sales calls and working to find the next client. She wanted to scale her business and automate the process, but she knew she had done all she could without a mentor. But once Tara discovered my program, she immediately knew that my team and I could help her get the results she wanted. “I chose Dan, specifically. He knows everything about ads, scaling, selling high-ticket, and even digital courses. He’s the best in the industry.” Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Tara. So if you’re ready to hear how Tara used my program to scale her coaching business to six figures a month, then check out his interview!   In this video, Steph and Tara will discuss:
  • How Tara was able to use systems and automation to scale her company
  • How Dan’s course taught her to “stick to the system” even when things are slow
  • AND… how Tara had $110k using Dan’s methods!

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