Can I Still Start an Online Business if I Suck at Tech?

Have you wanted to start an online business, but you suck at tech? Many people never get started because they feel they can’t learn the software required.

This means they’ll never quit the 9-5, increase their income, and obtain the freedom they deserve.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Watch this new video from Dan, which covers how to get started even if you suck at tech…

What’s covered:

  • How to choose the right model of online business so you aren’t even required to be good at tech,
  • How to choose software that has zero learning curve so you can start generating sales right away.
  • How and why you should avoid the old method of marketing.
  • The new way to market that is 10X simpler and surprisingly, more effective.
  • How to use a built in feature of Facebook to make the need for landing page software totally obsolete.
  • How we manage our entire agency using a simple phone app.

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What’s been your biggest problem with tech and starting your online business? Tell me in the comments!


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