Though Dan no longer offers coaching programs, consulting and online courses, these are some case studies and client results from previous products.

Feel free to browse them and see what kind of results these products have created. If you’d like to get a lot of this information for free, subscribe to Dan’s YouTube channel.

How Carl Went From Struggling Rockstar to near 7-Figure Course Creator

In this video, Steph and Carl will discuss:

  • Why Dan’s coaching was the go-to choice

  • How Carl transitioned to high-ticket after implementing what he learned in just one module

  • How the delivery of Dan’s coaching and course material made the transition effortless

Client Update: Ken closes a $12.5M contract

In this video, Dan and Ken will discuss:

  • How Ken’s business has grown as a result of raising his prices

  • How Ken modified his current offer

  • What lead to Ken closing his $12.5M sale

Client Update: Nicole hits $1M in sales

In this video, Dan and Nicole will discuss:

  • How Nicole made the transition from $297 low ticket

  • How she’s expanded her niche after reaching a milestone in her business

  • How Nicole hit $1M in sales

How Vaughn Is Crushing It With High Ticket In A Traditionally Low Ticket Niche

In this video, Steph and Vaughn will discuss:

  • What Vaughn learned that set him apart in a niche with “no money”

  • How Vaughn raised his prices with his “non make money” offer

  • The differences between high ticket buyers and low ticket buyers

How Nicole went from $297 to charging 30k

In this video, Steph and Nicole will discuss:

  • How Dan’s coaching program helped Nicole make a major shift in her business

  • ​​​​How Nicole was able to ditch the sales scripts

  • What Nicole learned that gave her confidence to raise her price to $30K

How Going High Ticket Changed Everything for Ken

In this video, Steph and Ken will discuss:

  • The “night and day” mindset difference between low and high ticket clients

  • How Ken found clarity in his business by using “just a few of the strategies in Dan’s program”

  • And… Why Dan’s “No Fluff, direct” coaching method and the Digital Millionaire Coaching Community made all the difference for Ken

How Mike Was Able To Find Focus and Build a Successful High Ticket Coaching Program

In this video, Steph and Mike will discuss:

  • How the program helped Mike to gain clarity and confidence as a beginner with no prior knowledge

  • How following only Dans program helped to remove “shiny object syndrome” and create a focus in Mikes business

  • AND… how Mike has been able to scale his business to six-figures through following the proven framework of the program

How Tara Scaled Her Coaching Business to 6 Figures a Month

In this video, Steph and Tara will discuss:

  • How Tara was able to use systems and automation to scale her company

  • How Dan’s course taught her to “stick to the system” even when things are slow

  • AND… how Tara had $110k using Dan’s methods!

How Merrill Made $80k in One Week Using High-Ticket Methods

In this video, Steph and Merrill will discuss:

  • What changed in Merrills’ business when he made a few small changes to his offer based on the framework laid out in the program

  • How Dan’s course will walk you step-by-step through the tiny details that are often overlooked (and make all the difference!)

  • AND… how Merrill made $80k during his launch week by simply following the framework of the program

How Stephen & Theresa Used Dan’s Book Strategies to Make the Investment to Join Dan’s Coaching Program

In this video, Steph and Stephen & Theresa will discuss:

  • How Dan’s systematic approach to the structure of the program is exactly what you need when you’re building your business online

  • What changed in their lives once they implemented the systems outlined by Dan and his team

  • AND… how the program provides the clarity and guidance you need to know you are making the right choices for your business

How Jason Made Back His $55k Investment in Two Weeks

In this video, Jason and I will discuss:

  • How your offer is key to the success of your business and sometimes it just needs a little tweak to be perfect

  • Why simplifying your process can make massive improvements in your business

  • How a mentor or coach can help you overcome mental, emotional, and physical blocks

How Dee Went from Not Having a Course Idea to Making $20k+ Per Month

In this video, Steph and Dee will discuss:

  • How everything you possibly need to know is in the program, and how Dan answers every question you might ask if you just go through the program

  • What changed in Dee’s life when he started following the proven-system blueprint laid out by Dan and his team

  • How the peer-community and the Facebook group changed the course of his business

  • AND… how much mindset affects you, your business, andhow you show up every day!

How Marcus Made $45k in One Month by Switching to High-Ticket

In this video, Steph and Marcus will discuss:

  • Why working with Dan is like having a guaranteed return on your investment if you are willing to do the work

  • How dealing with imposter syndrome can kill your business and how working with Dan changed that mindset

  • AND… why Marcus feels he is a better father, husband, and just all-around better person because of Dan’s program

How Victoria Grew Her Brand New PR Company to $100,000 in Just 90 Days

In this video, Dan and Victoria will discuss:

  • Why Victoria knew she had to work with Dan and his team instead of anyone else

  • How she implemented Dan’s teachings to get her brand new company to 100k in 90 Days

  • AND… the unexpected personal benefits she has seen in her life since the success of her program!

How Casey Made $40K her First Month by Firing the “Gurus” in her Life

In this video, Steph and Casey will discuss:

  • What changed in Casey’s business when she transitioned from hiring “gurus” to do the work to learning the strategies and doing the work herself

  • How unexpected community support turned out to be game-changing for her personal mindset and business

  • AND… with the straight-shooter guidance of myself and my team, how Casey is now able to show up for her clients exactly as she really is and get them amazing results, too!

How Dwayne Made $35k in One Day After Breaking His Limiting Belief Around Charging More

In this video, Dwayne and I will discuss:

  • How he learned to structure his course in a different way that allowed him to “pour more gasoline” on his marketing and secure more clients

  • What he achieved once he started getting a “no B.S.” approach from a coach, and how he got that from being in my program

  • AND… all of the steps he took to get over his mindset about charging and started crushing it with high-ticket!

How Kenneth Created a $50,000 per Month Coaching Business

In this video, Kenneth and I are going to cover:

  • What Kenneth did to transform his business from a logistical nightmare to a booming successful training program

  • Why switching from a monthly subscription program to a high-ticket offer drastically changed his revenue (and captured better clients!)

  • AND… why having a team that you trust makes all the difference in your business and your peace of mind!

How Tin Made $220,000 from his Low-Ticket Offer

In this video, Tin and I will discuss:

  • What steps Tin has taken to bring in a revenue of $220,000 on an ad investment of only $5,500

  • Why connecting with your true passions to serve your students will outweigh your tech skills hands down

  • AND… why learning from the best is the fastest and smartest route you can take to hit your goals!

How Shaina Exploded Her Coaching Business After Doubling Her Prices

In this video, Shaina and I talk about:

  • What crucial changes she made to her content and program structure that allowed exponential scale and growth in a short amount of time (and help many more people in the process!)

  • The value that Shaina has been able to find and harness throughout the program and how she’s translated it to her business and life

  • The importance of running a business that is morally and ethically aligned with yourself, and how that can still be a massively scalable and successful venture

  • AND… the MAJOR shifts and results Shaina saw in her business after converting her offer from low-ticket to a high-ticket offer!

How Chad Saved (and Scaled) His Business By Fixing His Offer

In this video, Chad and I discuss:

  • Why your offer is the single most critical thing in your entire business structure

  • How the level of support around you is critical to your successes or failures

  • AND… why it is so important for you to seek the help in your business at the right time, without wasting time!

How Kenny Made $45,000 In Sales With 90min of Preparation

In this video, Kenny and I talk about:

  • How Kenny earned $45,000 in sales using the Whiteboard Webinar process

  • The main struggles that Kenny had when first starting out selling his digital product

  • AND… Kenny stresses the importance of following the process my team laid out for him, and how following it has returned major results!

  • Oh, and by the way…
    Kenny has only been in the program for three months!!

How Torben Scaled from $2K/mo to $18K/mo with his online course

How Dwayne Built a Business That Allowed Him to Travel & Spend Time with his Family

Dwayne is also going to tell you about his “a-ha” moments, like:

  • Why he realized he needed to take his entire ego and “throw it out the window”.

  • Where he was when he decided that he needed to implement a one year goal to be able to exit what he was currently doing and get into full time coaching online…

  • AND what Tony Robbins taught him that “clicked” on why Dwayne needed Dan’s program and coaching

How Tin Made $20K From His Online Course During a Pandemic

In this video, Tin will share with you some of the biggest things he learned along the way, like:

  • What processes he reversed engineered to create an income for himself, based on his passion.

  • How he learned to question and truly hear what his customer REALLY wanted (hint: it’s not what he actually thought they wanted!)

  • Why the “guru’s” you think can teach you to be a master at your trade, actually can’t… and how to distinguish the difference

How Andy Hit 7 Figures in Sales with his Online Course

He currently makes over $120K per month with his program that we helped him build from the ground up…

Many times people hesitate to join our Sold Out Courses program because they think they need to have a course already made, or have a course idea first…

How Alejandro Hit $8,000/mo With His Online Course with NO Email Sequence

Everything that went on and everything that Dan said was like a home run, a golden egg for me.

You really leave here with actual action items that you can actually take and apply to your businesses

This mastermind is different because it kind of taps into your mind specifically as it relates to my business so that way I can grow.

Mark needed consistency in scaling his business

When Shayne Discovered Niching… His Agency EXPLODED to $25k

What Brad Had to Learn So He Could Have $25k Months

Jimmy’s Agency Ups-and-Downs Have Brought Him to $50k a Month!