How to Stop Facebook Leads from Submitting Fake Contact Info

Written By Dan Henry

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Are you sick of your Facebook™️ leads submitting wrong numbers?

Look we know two things…

#1. You get lower cost leads when using Facebook's™️ built in “Lead Ad” platform…

#2. Sometimes people enter in incorrect info on the Lead Forms…

Yes people do this, and it's not surprising!

We are timid when it comes to giving out our personal info, as so many marketers have abuses it over the years!

So if your lead enters a fake phone number….

This means when you go to call the lead, you can't get ahold of them!!

If you can't call your lead, you can't make a sale!

Well, this video will show you exactly what I did to fix that problem for good…

By the way, here is the link for the Free Trial of the software we mentioned in the video!


Are your lead ads giving fake info? Do you run Facebook lead ads and people put the wrong info in? So when your clients or you try to call them, it's the wrong info. Well, if so, I'm going to solve that in this video. That's right. I'm gonna show you exactly how to prevent people from putting in the wrong lead information so that when it comes time to call the lead, you can actually get all of them saying, by the way, in case you're wondering how I get amped to do these ads, I usually just rip a bandaid off my arm.

So everybody knows that if you run Facebook lead ads instead of using landing pages and funnels and all that, you will get a lower cost per lead because you're using Facebook's native platform, their native funnel, if you will, their native landing page and keeping them on Facebook and you're able to get a much lower cost lead because Facebook gives a precedence to that cause they just liked promoting themselves. But the problem that most people say is that the lead quality is bad or that people give the wrong info, et cetera, et cetera. Well not today. Good sir. Cause we're going to solve that. All right, so I'm gonna demonstrate using my trusty pen and digital pad here on how to improve your lead forms so that people actually give you the proper info. Phantasmo. So normally when you have a Facebook lead form, it looks something like this. You know, you got your image that they pre-populate here and we'll just put a little, a little stick figure, but this he face just like that. Okay. And then you'll have a, you know, like a headline, right headline. And then you'll have like some subtext that you have to fill in. And then you'll have like your, your fields like name, email,
boom, phone.

okay, thanks that. All right. So here's the problem that most people make. They will make the mistake here and here they will say something like, enter your info or enter your name and info or you know, something like that. And what that's doing is that's framing this form as a benefit to the person that is promoting, right? So if you have like say a doctor's office or let's say a spa, right? Let's say like a massage bar and it says, um, enter your info and the person has to enter their info to get this, you know, coupon or whatever it is you're sending them. So when we run an ad on Facebook for a local business where we're usually giving away some sort of like offer, right? It's like a voucher for a free massage or a coupon for a dinner or something to get them in the door so that they be can, can become a, we got to give them something in.

The best way to do that is to make any coupon or a voucher or something physical. It's not physical, it's digital, but something that you can send them that they have to be like, Hey, look, I have this coupon. Basically they're saying, give us your information. Right? And that's a benefit to the spa, not a benefit to the customer. If instead you said, where should I send your voucher? Where should I send it? Right? Where, where that means you're saying, Hey, I got this thing you want. All right, I got this shiny little thing you want. Where should I send it? If I just say, enter your info, that means I just want your info and I'll do with it whatever diabolical plans I have and people don't like that and that's why they're like, Oh, I'll give fake info so I can get to the next page and maybe get my shiny object.

But if it says, where can I send this? This is a Slack dog, by the way, it was just on my desk. But with they say, where do I send it? Then that means that they're like, Oh, they're asking where to send it. Okay, so that means I better give my proper info so that I get this thing. All right. Now what's even better is if you're looking for phone calls out of this, right? Which if you're doing local business marketing and you probably should have a phone call, because I'll tell you this, the biggest thing we did differently that got crazy results for our local businesses. Instead of setting up some crazy email campaigns that nobody will ever read, we would simply call them within 15 minutes, confirm their appointment and boom, the show up rate went crazy. People were showing up to their appointments or whatever and actually coming in and becoming customers, and I'll show you more about that in a second, but here's a way to get people to actually give their proper phone number.

You say, where should I text? Text? Where should I text your shiny object? Oh, what did I do to my select dog? Looks like it got hit by a car. So where should I send you? Or where should I text you? Or voucher, right? Because if it's literally saying, Hey, we have this voucher here, right? Or we have this coupon, we have this two for one offer, or we have this thing you want, and you were saying, let's text it. That's different because now it's like, Oh I want to get this thing. So like for instance, in the video or even on the Subutex here, you could say something like, Hey, want your free massage voucher? You want free massage voucher. Where should we text the voucher parentheses? Simply show up and show the voucher on your phone to get the free massage. So you tell them, you walked into the steps of acquiring what the hell they want.

You walk them through the steps and you say, Hey, we're going to text it to your phone and then you're going to go and show the phone to the massage people. And when you do that, what happens is they're like, Oh crap, I better give my proper info because I want the thing. Okay. But if you're just like, Oh, enter your info. Well now they're like, Oh I'll give fake info cause I'll get the thing on the next page. All right, and that's not going to do you any good cause you need to get these lead info and you need to send it to your client or whatever it is you're doing. If it's your own leads and you need to call the lead and you need to get business and sell them. Okay. And can't do that if you don't have the proper info.

Now in addition to that, how do we deal with once we have the proper info? Okay? And what I'll do is I'll just go ahead here and I'll delete this stuff. When we have the proper info, what do we do with it? How do we get it to where it needs to go and actually make the sale? So here's our lead form, right? And you know, here's our picture and here's our blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. How do we get this lead from Facebook lead form to the client? All right? And I'll draw a little tie here. You know, I'll give him a little happy face. Okay. So we need to get the lead from here to the client so the client can pick up the phone. It's a terrible phone and you know, here's his ear and call, call the prospect. So how do we do that?

So we're going to use lead owl, which is the app that I showed you at the beginning of the video. And what lead I was going to do is the second a lead comes in to this lead form. It's going to go to lead out and it's going to bleed alleys and app that we have that is on the client's phone and your phone as the agency, or if you're the sales director of the sales team, whatever. And it's going to go right to there and it's going to remind the client, Hey dude, call your leads. Right? If they don't call their leads, it's going to keep reminding them to call the lead, all right? And if they don't call the lead, there's a report. And that way if your client or your sales rep [inaudible], Oh, these leads are bad, and you go, Oh, well you haven't called them, or your average response time is two days, or something like that, then you know they're not calling their leads.

Cause that's the biggest problem is that sales reps and clients, they don't call their leads or they don't call them fast enough. All right, and so this app right here, lead owl, we'll actually be able to not only, you know, it's like a CRM that not only manages your leads, but it allows you to do reporting based on one simple fact that we got to get the lead to the client as soon as possible. We're going to make sure they actually get ahold of that lead. You have no idea how many hundreds of accounts were saved using this app using this software because clients said, Oh, I want to fire you because you know the leads are bad. And they were like, no, you just haven't called them. Here's the report right here. Okay. Now there are a bunch of other really cool features to lead owl and I would love to show you all the cool little features.

So if you'll click the link included with this video, if you got value out of this video on how to implement this to get people to enter in the proper information, I want you to do this. I want you to click the link with this video and I want you to sign up for a free 14 day trial of lead out. There's a video on the page that will show you what features lead owl has and how to use it. In fact, here's the page right here. See, look, lead out free trial. Boom. Join lead out for free today. See this video right here. Just see this guy right here. That's really good looking gentlemen. Just click the little play button. Oh, sorry, he's, he's, he started talking over me. What an ass. I'm so listen, you see this guy right here? All you gotta do is you got to watch this video and it's video will explain you how lead owl works and how Leto is the number one tool for managing your leads and your digital agency and see how it will work for you and it will explode your agency, get better results for your clients and allow you to retain your clients longer.

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