Feeling like you have a great course idea but, no idea where to start building your course? Well, that’s exactly where my clients Stephen and Theresa used to be! They had done all the hard work building a done for you service and knew it was time to take their lives back. It was time to stop doing and start teaching, but they needed clarity, guidance, and support to create that course they had been dreaming of! Stephen and Theresa knew they had a choice to make: keep “bootstrapping it” on their own, or make it happened and join the program. That’s when they picked up my book, Digital Millionaire Secrets, and learned the strategies that they needed to be able to invest in themselves through joining my program.  Recently, my team member Steph said down to chat with Stephen and Theresa. So if you’re ready to hear how they were able to use what they learned from my book, Digital Millionaire Secrets, to invest in themselves and join my coaching program, then watch their interview now! In this video, Steph and Stephen & Theresa will discuss:
  • How Dan’s systematic approach to the structure of the program is exactly what you need when you’re building your business online
  • What changed in their lives once they implemented the systems outlined by Dan and his team
  • AND… how the program provides the clarity and guidance you need to know you are making the right choices for your business

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