My client Shaina started in my program a few weeks ago and was navigating some massive struggles within her business and even herself.

You see, before Shaina started working with our team, she felt like she was a bottleneck in her own company. She was working with clients one-on-one, rather than large scale, and it was consuming every ounce of her calendar and mental capacity.

She was also having trouble getting clients, as she didn’t know how to get herself out there and make her offer clear for other people.

And then, when she refined her offer and messaging, she had too many clients and was booked out for MONTHS (again, due to coaching people 1-1 vs. a larger scale and at a higher price).

My team and I coached Shaina to change her model and convert her offer to high-ticket, rather than low-ticket.

Once she did this, she realized just how impactful her program could be, and she started helping people the way they really needed her to, and started making a KILLING with a higher price point!  

In this video, Shaina and I talk about:

  • What crucial changes she made to her content and program structure that allowed exponential scale and growth in a short amount of time (and help many more people in the process!)
  • The value that Shaina has been able to find and harness throughout the program and how she’s translated it to her business and life
  • The importance of running a business that is morally and ethically aligned with yourself, and how that can still be a massively scalable and successful venture
  • AND… the MAJOR shifts and results Shaina saw in her business after converting her offer from low-ticket to a high-ticket offer!