Writer and Actor Starts Successful Agency That Combines Passion While Allowing Flexibility for Acting

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Abby was trying to find a job that would be a combinatin of her acting and writing careers. She wanted to work from home but also do something enjoyable. She was introduced to the course by a friend that is Dan's students. With the course she has grown her agency to 6 figures quickly and needed to hire help to manage how fast she signed up clients. She was recently able to work on a TV show while also not falling behind on her agency.


Hey, guys, we are Abby and Oscar, students of Dan Henry. Before I met Dan Henry, I was trying to find the perfect job to combine with my acting and my writing career, and Oscar was just trying to find a good job for a dog, and I was struggling to find something that was flexible, that I could from home, that would make a good amount of money, that was not soul-sucking, and a friend of mine had just hit the 10K Club pretty quickly under Dan and pushed me to join Dan's class, so I joined in and his course is amazing. Now, cut to six months later, and I am scaling my business so fast that I'm actually needing to bring on partners now.
What I learned from Dan was just it is very doable. He breaks things down into a really simple way that you don't have to have a sales background or a marketing background to be able to accomplish all this and do well. The other thing I love about Dan is he's super genuine. The idea of sales just put a bad taste in my mouth, but what I realized is that I've actually now have the skillset that I can really help businesses grow, and I'm providing serious value, and if I don't provide value, they don't keep hiring me. Once I was able to shift that in my mind, I was able to get a lot more excited about what I was doing, and now I have several clients, I'm scaling, I'm enjoying what I'm doing, and the biggest test was a couple weeks ago. I was hired to work on a TV show for a couple weeks, and I was actually able to still balance my work with my clients and do that, which was my goal all along.

If you're on the fence about working with Dan Henry, just do it. It's awesome. It's so easy. Even Oscar can do it. The community is so supportive that the money is almost worth it just to be part of this community of really genuine, smart people that are eager to help you. Best of luck starting your agency.