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Andrea was struggling to get higher paying clients. Since he wasn't able to get great results, the amount he charged was low. He joined the course to improve his skills. With the course he was able to move to New Zealand to be near his girlfriend without worrying about what jobs are available. In only one month he has a high paying client and is looking forward to growing his agency.


What's going on, guys? My name is Andrea. And this is my girlfriend Crystal.

I've been living in Australia since the last two years, but I currently moved to beautiful New Zealand, as you can see here behind me, because my girlfriend is from New Zealand.

This was only possible thanks to Dan's course. He actually really helped me to take financial freedom and most importantly to be independent.

I've purchased his course a month ago, because I was really struggling to get high paying clients. I was getting clients myself before, but they wouldn't just be worth to me to keeping them, because the rate that I was charging were really low, because there's lots I was bringing to them were not good enough.

So the course that Dan put together was really good, because it actually showed how you can quickly get high paying clients for you to get decent income every month and also to live freely.

As you can see, I was now able to move to New Zealand without having to worry on what jobs am I gonna get when I move over there.

This is great. Usually, would have to worry, "Ah, I'm moving to a new country. What jobs will I have to look for?" And all that sort of stuff. You know?

This is something that I like most about it.

In case you're whether unsure of either go to work with Henry or not, I absolutely recommend it for you guys, 'cause it's been doing great for me. As I said, I've had the course for a month now. I have two high paying clients. Now I arrived in New Zealand and looking forward to get more local clients here. But without any worries, 'cause I know all the techniques that he taught can be applied anywhere in the world basically.

That's what's great about it.

Guys, once again, I can only recommend the course if you want to have a life financial freedom and would like to want to live independently, just go ahead, and I promise you it will be good for you.

Happy days, guys.