Student Quits Corporate Job and Works From Home While Earning Client Contracts Worth $25,000

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Peter wanted to create a business but was struggling. He found Dan's course and it allowed him to quit his corporate job and create a digital marketing agency. Now his commute is from one room to the next and his results include winning client contracts worth $25,000. Peter and his family have the freedom to create their own schedule and even traveled to Taiwan on a business trip.


Guys, what's going on? My name is Peter Michael. I'm from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Before working with Dan I was always struggling in figuring out a way to create a business and really be able to scale it up. And because I invested in Dan's course and his teaching has absolutely revolutionized the way we operate do our business.
Now I'm in a position where I'm able to work from home. I was able to quit my corporate job of the last three or four years and go full force into creative and digital marketing. And has absolutely changed my life in the sense that now I have my own hours, I have my thirty-second commute from the bedroom to the boardroom. And it's just been absolutely life-changing. Over the last few months, we've been able to nail down contracts as big as $25,000 and up. And it has actually created a freedom for me, and my family to be able to do what we want when we want it, wherever we want it.

We just actually got back from a trip in Taiwan that we got hired for a client, and it's all because of techniques and skills that I was able to learn through Dan's teaching and his courses, the information that he makes available to us, the continuous community that he has created, and made available to all of his students. And just absolutely revolutionized how I think about business. It has allowed me to reimagine my reality. And I have just no idea where it's going to take us next, it's so exciting to be able to go from a full-time corporate job where I was miserable. I wasn't doing what I loved to now having the say and full control over the outcome that I'm in the process of producing.

Initially, when I started out, I didn't know it was going to be possible to get a full-time income, let alone a part-time income. But because of Dan, I have been able to merge that gap and actually eliminate that as part of my concerns. And that's always a problem that I had was a limiting belief here and he's allowed me to really get through, breakthrough and just get to the next level.

So, if you're on the fence about whether or not you should invest in Dan and start working with him, don't. It's super crazy to say but I know it might be a little bit scary to just drop and put so much belief in a single person, but if it wasn't for Dan I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have the opportunities that I was able to create because of the skills that I learned through his teachings. And I wouldn't be able to allow myself and give my family the type of lifestyle that we have now. As you can see I'm sitting here in a hoodie in my home office, in my own house that's completely rent-free. And it is because I made a single decision and that was to follow Dan and his teachings. And really put my head into learning the skill set that he teaches.

So, take action, get the course, get started with working with Dan because that is the single-handedly the best decision that I have just made and took action on, to create the lifestyle that I have today.