Student Overcomes Self Doubt to Get $250,000 in Leads With Only $1,000 Ad Spend

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Chad joined the course because he'd learned about Click Funnels and wanted to start an ad agency. He struggled with self doubt but ran ads for some clients with decent results. He decided to go back through the course to see if he could improve his skills and get more results for clients. One of his latest campaigns has $250,000 worth of sales with only $1,000 in ad spend. Now he and his wife are at a point where they are planning to leave their full time jobs to work on the agency full time and spend more time with family.


Hey folks, Chad Taylor from Indianapolis, Indiana. So about ... it was actually February of last year, I decided I wanted to learn about Facebook ads, how they worked. I had learned, or had heard about, rather, Click Funnels, at that point and wanted to try my hand at it.
So in February I started doing some more research, try my hand at it myself, didn't really get anyplace with it. I had heard about Dan Henry, kind of through my learning process and decided to pull the trigger on purchasing his course, it was a year ago this week, actually. After I purchased his course, I went through it rather quickly and wanted to consume it. Didn't do a whole lot with it, out of the gate, I was one of those self-doubters, I also have a nine to five that I have to maintain to take care of my family, to provide medical insurance for my son who's on the autism spectrum.

After a little while I started to get more and more confident, after watching the course, I felt like I could provide value, I really understood, I felt like I understood what it would take to run some campaigns. So I actually ran a few small ones for myself, just to kinda see what it would look like, what it felt like. Then I started reaching out to some small businesses. Initially I worked with a couple of restaurants, I worked with a martial art studio, I worked with a couple of gyms, a crossfit studio, a couple of national box gyms, and did okay. No incredible results to share but I did fine.

And then it was probably last fall, I really decided to step it up, went through the course again, felt much more comfortable the second time going through it, and really decided to go ahead and move forward with pursuing it. So I reached out to a friend of mine, who is a chiropractor, I know that's a very popular niche in our group here and offered to run some campaigns for him, he agreed. Did well. And then from that point, he actually has a medical integration service that he sells through the nation to multiple other chiropractors. He offers his services and he has about 42, I believe it is right now, 42 chiropractors that work along with him nationwide and in that practice I've now been able to start to reach out and get ahold of these other physicians and start running campaigns for those folks as well.

I just recently finished a campaign with a $1,000 ad spend that resulted in $250,000 worth of potential sales. They're actually in the process of converting those folks and those leads now. I know for sure they've done tens of thousands of dollars. It'll be nice once we're able to confirm if they've done hundreds of thousands or not but ... So, the course is really working, I'm getting to the point in the business to where my wife and I are having the discussion that maybe in 2019 we do this full-time. So, if you're thinking about taking Dan Henry's course, I really think it's something you should consider, you should do it. Don't let the self-doubt and the confusion and the worry and the fear hold you back. I do this as a part-time thing on top of my 9 to 5, on top of home-schooling my son on top of doing the typical family things that you do when you have a grade school age kid. We have swimming we have practice, we have all these things so, if I can, anyone can with Dan's help. So buy the course, thanks.