Student Leaves Job to Pursue Business Finds Courses Disappointing and Suffers Setbacks Turns it Around When New Skills Lead to $10,000 Client in Only One Month

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Tim quit his job three years ago to pursue an online business. He invested in a couple of courses and had some success but after suffering with a sizeable loss of revenue with a project gone wrong, he was scrambling to stay afloat. Then he found Dan's webinar and joined the course. Within a month he flew to train a client's team on ads and earned $10,000 which is 12 times the investment he made into the course. Since then his ad agency has grown and now he's looking forward to bringing his wife to join him in the business so they can travel the world.


Hi, I'm Tim from Saskatchewan Canada, and about three years ago I decided to quit my job just to try to make money online. And for about a year and a half, I darted around from project to project trying to do that unsuccessfully. I ended up spending more money than I was making. I'd invested in certain training materials that weren't really working for me. And I'd spend six months specifically on a project, put a lot of time and thousands of dollars into it, and overnight it turned on me and my income was slashed in half, and my cost per acquisition doubled, so I was scrambling a little bit.
And I'd come across Dan Henry and started following him and decided to invest in some of his training. And when I did immediately things started to shift. I was able to pick up clients. Two months after buying the course, I'm in Canada, I flew to the United States to meet with a client. I did a two-day training with him and his team and at the end, I walked away with a check for $10,000, which in Canadian dollars was over $12,000. So, I 12x'd my initial investment with Dan Henry within the first two months. And from then it's just been a steady pace upward month after month of just getting more clients.

And this year, I'm looking at getting my wife out of her job so that both of us can be free. We love to travel and the dream was always, "Let's work from our laptop and go and make something of this life and explore the world."

And so, thanks Dan Henry, and your course has been great. And your training materials, I love that you keep things up to date. And the group and what's it's connected me in with agency owners around the world, has been really beneficial to me.