Student Learns Facebook Ads to Help Employers Dental Firm Generate $480,000 From $75,000 Now Has Improved Income Earning Possibilities

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Matt works at a dental firm where he provides SEO services. The firm asked him to start using Facebook ads for their marketing and though he agreed, Matt had never run an ad before. At that time he saw one of Dan's ads and decided to work with him. After going through the course Matt ran his first ad campaign. The results were $480,000 in revenue from only $75,000 in ad spend. His employer was so impressed that they offered him commission and other opportunities.


Hi, Dan. It's Matt out here in beautiful Orange County, California. I want to give you a quick testimonial because it's long overdue. Man, I'm sorry and I've been busy. I'm actually in my office for a work. I don't actually I have my own business but I use your course in a little bit of a different way. I got hired on salary to do SEO like search engine optimization for my dental firm. They own three dental offices in Orange County, California. Then they were like, "Hey, we want you to do Facebook ads." I was like, "Awesome. I'll do it," even though I've never run one Facebook ad in my life. I was like, "All right. How am I gonna learn this?" I went online on Facebook, started seeing your crazy ads with your crazy hats everywhere. I was like, "You know what? This guy seems like he knows what he was ... He's a little crazy. He seems like he knows what he's talking about."
I got your course and went through the whole course every module, literally like every module. I love learning. Then in about six to eight months after that, we spend like $75,000 in ads. We generated about $480,000 plus in ads, in new patient revenue so we were bringing a bunch of patients through all the stuff that you taught me. I literally did not do any Facebook ads. Then after looking at your course, I was able to make myself way more valuable in the company. Then now there's huge new income opportunities were given to me, commission schedules and things like that. This wouldn't have been possible unless I found your course, Dan, so appreciate all the time you put into that course, everything you put in there.

People that are thinking about like, "Should I get Dan's course or does it work?" I've actually had a lot of people text me and be like ... I've actually referred a lot of people to Dan's course. I should get an affiliate link but whatever. I'm not. But, yeah. I've learned a ton from this. The people that are thinking about, "Should I buy Dan's course?" If you don't know anything about Facebook ads, I would definitely recommend it because he's going to go through step by step from writing the copy to writing the ads and then how to put the Facebook pixel on your ClickFunnels webpage and landing page. It just takes all of the ... You don't have to go and search online for all this information. It's all in one package. I really appreciate that, Dan. Now, I'm really excited to continue to move up in my company and do great things for my company. Thank you, Dan, and hopefully we'll talk soon. Bye.