Student Inspired by Arrival of Fourth Child to Change Careers and Improve the Family's Future

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Celeste was getting ready to have her fourth child. This transition highlighted some of the frustrations her and her husband had with their financial situation. She was working with clients as a freelancer but the hamster wheel was exhausting. She joined the course and learned a skill that allowed her to move from one off services to one that is recurring high value. She found that the course community was so supportive that she believes it alone is worth the price of the course.


Hey, Celeste Green here in Clearfield, Utah. I invested in Dan's program when I was just a few months from delivering my fourth child. Now for some reason, that fourth child really threw our family into chaos. It was a big financial wake-up call. We needed to get a bigger vehicle to fit everyone, my husband wanted a bigger house for all these kids, and so on. And it just really highlighted how unsatisfied we were with where we were at financially and career-wise.
Before working with Dan Henry I was stuck on freelance hamster wheel. Pretty much I'd be picking up a client here, doing a stellar job but then they're gone and I'd need to hustle up another client. I was doing one-off projects you know really and I did good but my approach gave me no recurring revenue. Plus I didn't have any systems in place to be generating leads while I was working on a job. So, once a job was done I didn't have something, and it was exhausting.

So, the best thing that I had that I've gained from Dan's course really was clarity on how to shift what I was offering from commoditized one-off services to offering what clients actually want, something that directly impacts the bottom line of their business. And also gaining from his teaching how to frame that in a way that people are willing to pay for that service month after month. The very core of what Dan teaches in his course, in his groups, and everything that he produces provides value first and that's so important, it's one of the best things that anybody could learn.

The second best thing about working with Dan is the amazing group that he's created. Dan has attracted some amazingly talented and successful people. I've connected with so many great people because I'm in Dan's group and these are people that are willing to help, to answer questions, to share their own successes, and more. The network itself is worth almost more than the course.

If you're on the fence about working with Dan let me make you a bold promise. If you commit to watch every video in the course, read every word, apply his strategies to your business, you'll never be the same again. It's a great day for you if you are considering buying one of his courses because today you begin an exciting adventure. You may have some stumbles along the way, but Dan's got your back. He empowers his group to succeed. He looks after everyone that's in his group and really wants you to be successful. It's a journey that will lead you not only to some breakthrough success in your business but to a life of financial and personal freedom. Take the leap, it is worth it.