Student Goes From Struggling With High Ad Costs to Landing Over 30 Clients

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Martin was using Facebook ads but his costs were high. He joined the course and was able to get better results from campaigns and reduce costs. He grew his agency to nine clients then met a franchisee that led to 27 additional clients. The huge growth has been life changing. He appreciates that the course is simple to understand even for those who are non native English speakers.


Hi, Dan. My name is Martin. I'm from the French speaking part of Canada. I'd like to take a couple of minutes to give you a testimonial for what you did for me. I decided to invest in your course in 2017. Got great, great, great results from that. Before I took your course I was doing some Facebook ads. I had some results, but I was spending a lot of money to get those results.
Since I got your course I have very good results. I spend less money on advertising. I got nine clients so far in Facebook ads, and I am on the edge of having 36 clients in Facebook ads, and I'll explain. One of my clients is a franchisee, and he had me meet all the other franchisees from the chain. So, 27 more people. I'm on the edge of signing a lot of them, and that's life changing for me.

What I like about your course is that it's simple, it's clear, and it's step-by-step. That's what I need from a course. So, I thank you for that. My goal is to spend more time with my family, to travel a lot. We do travel more than in the past couple of years. I would like to thank you for that. People if you're on the fence of buying Dan Henry's stuff, go for it. It's good content. It's very well explained. English is not my first language as you can see, but everything is so clear, crystal clear, that it's the best around. Have fun. Thank you Dan.