Student Goes From Struggling With Digital Marketing to Making Enough Money to Take Dream Family Vacations

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Dmitri struggled for four years to bring his offline business online. He joined the course and was able to grow his business to 10s of thousands of Euros each month. With the income from his new skills his family is planning a big summer vacation in the Mediterranean; something they'd dreamed about for years. He appreciates that Dan genuinely cares about his student's success.


Hey, what's going on? My name is Dimitri. I am from the Netherlands, right here in Europe. And I am shooting this short testimonial for you, for Dan Henry, because I'm extremely thankful, grateful, for everything that I've been able to achieve, thanks to his teachings.
Now, before I started working with Dan for about a year ago, I've been struggling, seriously struggling for four years to transition from offline to an online business. And I just had no clue how to make things work. Now, the moment that I started working with Dan, everything changed. Everything changed for me, for my business, and last but not least, for my family, because right now, I am able to provide for my family a consistent income, thanks to the revenue I am generating in my business, of tens of thousands of euros every single month. And this would have been impossible without the help of Dan Henry.

Now, why this is so important for me is because right now, I am not able to provide a consistent income for my family, but have the peace of mind that I've been looking for so long. In fact, we are planning a big family vacation to the Mediterranean Sea next summer, which is something that we have been looking for to do, for very many years. So if you, and anyway, get a chance to work with Dan Henry, or if you are on the fence of joining one of his programs, please don't cut yourself short, make it happen. Because Dan Henry, I can vouch for him. He is really concerned about you reaching results. And last but not least, he really, really cares. So Dan Henry, once more, thank you very, very much for everything you have done for me, for my family, and I hope you can continue to do this for many more people. So thank you once more.