Student Goes From a Stressful Job to Quickly Getting 6 Trial Ad Clients as a Complete Beginner

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Henry had a stressful 9 to 5 job. He started with Dan's course as a complete digital marketing beginner that wanted to start a business. With the course he was quickly able to get 6 trial ad clients that he is now creating results for. He knows that these results can be leveraged to grow his ad agency and looks forward to continuing to help small business owners.


Hi everyone. My name is Henry Choi from Cypress, California and I want to tell you guys a little bit about my investment into Dan Henry's program. A couple months ago, I started my own ad agency and this was all thanks to Dan Henry's program because each in his courses explain how I can get started and I had no digital marketing experience or advertising experience, so I was a complete newbie and through this program, I was able to quit my nine to five and because it was so stressful and I wanted something that gave me more freedom to be creative as well as something that I can utilize to help people.
Dan Henry showed me exactly how to do that. So, for the first month when I started my ad agency, I was able to land six trial clients. Right now I'm in the process of delivering results to them and I'm very confident because that's what Dan Henry does. He delivers, so I'm confident that by implementing the exact steps that he showed me, I'm going to be able to deliver these results to my clients and I will be able to get more clients in the future. So, that's my goal in the future is that I'll be able to have a steady flow of clients and also be able to show what I can do through what I learned through Dan Henry. So, if you're on the fence with the program, I was sold as soon as I saw his webinar and I'm pretty confident and I was to encourage you guys that you can also have those results, because he's all about delivering results and there's no BS. There's no, any fluff information.

He's gonna tell you exactly what to do and there's no sugar coating it, so invest in the program guys if you're on the fence and I know and I know that you guys will do great.