Student Finally Follows Instructions and Takes Ad Results From Failing to 11 Leads a Day

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Ryan didn't take Dan's advice even after following him online for a year. He works in the mortgage world and wanted to bring in new prospective customers using Facebook ads. He'd run ads spending up to $20/day on each campaign with multiple campaigns running at a time all with poor results. Then he decided to use one technique he learned in Dan's course and overnight he had 7 leads for less than a dollar each. Since then he's gotten up to 11 leads in a day all for less than $2 each lead.


I've made really good money and I've tried everything. I've owned bars. Ryan says, "Dude, one of your videos helped me succeed in the mortgage world. One little tip changed everything. I'm such an asshole for not joining you earlier." That's awesome, I'm gonna screenshot that shit. Send me a video for that. Which course did you join? You gotta send me a video that says that. I need that for my testimonial page. Please. Anyway, so here are the four ways that I've made-
So what's up guys? I'm Ryan. I'm the guy that didn't listen to Dan for the longest time. I saw his stuff probably a year ago, and was following him, and following him, and following him, and I just wouldn't buy. I finally bought his course. I've been working with the mortgage world, and literally overnight I took what he was teaching in his course and literally overnight ... I was going from no leads. I was spending 15-20 bucks a day, multiple campaigns, couldn't figure anything out. I turned one campaign on, a $15 budget, just to try it. I woke up the next morning, and in less than 12 hours I think I had seven leads, and they were like 98 cents a lead. It was some crazy low number. I'm averaging now somewhere between a buck 50 and a buck 70 per lead, getting anywhere from three to four leads, up to 11 leads a day. So guys, I'm telling you, Dan Henry's stuff works, you just gotta listen to him. Hope this helps you guys out, have an awesome day.