Student Able to Quickly Learn New Concept Makes 5 Figures a Month Only Working Part Time

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Mary Anne heard about Dan from a roundtable discussion at Funnel Hacking Live 2016. From there she found his webinar and joined his course immediately. While going through the modules she was able to quickly gain an understanding of a new concept in only 20 minutes. In fact she went through the entire course in one day getting her first two clients the day after. She is now making 5 figures a month while only working in her ad agency on a part time basis.


Hey, everybody. My name is Mary Anne Raymond and I'm from Tampa, Florida. This is my experience working with Dan Henry. I didn't hear about the guy until Funnel Hacking Life 2016. A friend of mine was at that event and recorded a little bit of him during a roundtable. As he was dropping f-bombs and s-bombs, I'm thinking, "Who the heck is this guy?" So, I looked him up and I found him and his webinar. So, I registered for the webinar, bought his smaller item, went through the webinar, and then went through the item that I bought.
In less than 20 minutes, I took something that was really foreign to me and learned it in less than 20 minutes. His approach is very .... I like the way he approaches things. It's like do this, do that, go here, go there and you learn it quickly and I understood it completely. So, with that, I bought his other item, which helped me take my agency, which I was doing on a part-time basis because I am still doing consulting, from zero to almost five figures in less than a month and a half.

I did his course in one day, I did the whole thing, and within the next day, I picked up two clients like that. I took one of his ideas and I modified it to how I approach people and boom. I got two clients just like that. The only way you're not going to make money with his teaching is if you don't do anything. If you don't actually go out there, sell yourself, or approach people, or talk to people, you're not going to make any money. So, don't be afraid. Don't be put off with his approach sometimes.

Go with what he's telling you and not how he's delivering it because Dan has a very unique marketing brain. The way he thinks, you can even get some little good nuggets during his free lives. You just really have to listen to what he's saying, not so much how he's saying it, but what he's saying. So, thank you, Dan, for what you give to the community and for creating the course. I really appreciate it and I know that when I decide to go full-time in my digital marketing agency, I'll make well over five figures a month. I have no doubt about it because I'm doing that now and I'm only doing it part-time. So, again, thank you and I'm glad I found you.