Steve Who Doubled His Webinar Sales

Customer Name: Steven

Everything that went on and everything that Dan said was like a home run, a golden egg for me.


Hey Steven, how are you doing man? So we we just got done with a this elite meeting elite mastermind meeting and is your brain fried? I almost went more, it was good. Everything that went on and everything that you said was like a home run, a golden egg for me. So yeah. Have you been in any other masterminds? I have not, but I wish I would have been part of this one earlier. Cool. So why, why, why did you, what was the problem you had that led you to join elite? So my Webinar was not converting as well and I only had one source for traffic and I felt like I really wanted to get into paid advertising and in my opinion, you're the guy for that. And I wanted a little bit more of a personal attention. Right. So it's a great scenario for me.

Cool. And I know you've only been in short amount of time but I, you know, I was talking earlier about effectiveness and productivity and what and whatnot. How do you feel about the f, and I know you haven't been in other masterminds, but how do you feel about the process in terms of effectiveness of how we do this here? It's very effective. It's very effective for me. You know about my business, you know what my problems are, you know what I've done before. So when we're getting a call or I messaged you, you have a lot of context to be able to give me a pretty definite answer, which is very beneficial for me to be able to go out there and then take an extra from it. You know, I, I've been in a lot of masterminds myself. One thing that I always wanted to do differently was just to give a straight answer.

I've never been known not to do that. So what, why did you specifically choose to join the elite mastermind over maybe a different mastermind or another option? I mean, like I said before, you know, I really thought that in order to continue to grow my business, I need to get into paid advertising. And again, in my opinion, I thought you were the top guy for that. So if you did have something like a mastermind, I'd be foolish not to kind of jump in. Cool. Cool. So you've been in for about a month, right? But two months, two months and so far you've doubled your webinar conversion rate, is that correct? Yes, that's correct. Awesome. And let me ask you this. Obviously that means more money, that means more profit. What what did you last month we did about forty five thousand forty five thousand off the Webinar. Okay, awesome.

And that increase in ROI and all that, how, how has that affected your business? How does that end of, obviously that trickles down to your just life, personal life. How has that affected that? Well, maybe to help more people, which I really like. I enjoy the interaction I have with now a lot more customers and I really liked that. Also for my personal life, you know, like recently I was supposed to go to the Dominican Republic and then I had last minute change to Mexico and I had to change my flights multiple times. I had to book a new trip and now that kind of was no big deal. That's cool. I didn't even notice it happen. Yeah. It's fun to travel with it. Oh, it's excellent. Yeah. My thing is concerts. I like VIP at concerts. Headbanging [inaudible] yeah. But like I always say, if you're gonna go to a concert, go VIP, you know, and that costs money, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cool. So if somebody was watching this and they were like, ah, should I join? Should I get in this elite mastermind? She's like, hang out with you and Dan and everybody else. What would you say to them if they were on the fence about it? I mean, if you have any goals for your business that you're not achieving, it could be to make seven figures. It could be make multiple, seven figures, whatever it is. If you are not achieving your goals, you have to change something up. To me, I'm fortunate enough where I was able to find you and talk to someone on your team about this. But you know, I have goals that I'm not achieving and I need to change something. And those goals aligned very much to your big skillset. So it's a home run for me. And I think if anyone doesn't really have a clear path of how they're gonna achieve their goals, they need the help.

And I think you, at least in my experience so far, have been a 10 out of 10 for that. So if someone doesn't know how to achieve their goals and their business, they absolutely should make that investment in themselves because it will be a large return that you end up getting on that. I've already gotten that and it's been two months dude. That's awesome. Well thanks. I, I aim to make it happen and I'm sure that by the end of your first year, you're going to be just through the roof. So thank you for coming out man. I'll see you at the next meeting. Alright. Alright.