Speech Therapist Learns Facebook Ads to Sell Courses Then Builds 6 Figure Agency

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Jenna is a speech therapist that's sold courses for almost 10 years. She started working with Dan to learn how to improve her marketing skills so that she could grow her course sales. She recently took her Jeep to the mechanic which led to a $2900 bill. Even though she stayed home from her day job sick she was able to quickly make the money to pay the bill. What would have been a large bill felt manageable because she's learned to make money quickly. Now she looks forward to moving from the 10k club to the 20k club in the next couple of months.


Hi there, my name is Jenna and I have been a big fan of Dan Henry since I originally bought some of his materials about six months ago. I actually by day am I speech therapist, so I don't have any background in marketing. But I took the information and I started selling my own courses, and I was able to get into the 10K club by selling my own courses using Dan's methods within a couple months.
Sorry, I'm a little bit sick today, which is also part of the story. I have a day job, I stayed home from work today and during the day I did two things. One, I went and picked up my Jeep, which I'm riding in. It needed some repairs. Total came to $2900. And normally that'd be a lot of money to people, it's still a lot of money to me, but I was able to make that money, about a third of that today. I stayed home sick and I used some of the methods that I learned in Dan Henry's course and I made a thousand dollars. And probably by the end of today I'll have made the 2900 or close to it, and I'll just pay for the repairs easily.

So it's pretty cool to be able to take methods and strategies that Dan teaches and have a promotion that gets you paid that day so that you can cover expenses like your Jeep going to the auto body place or auto mechanic place, and also be able to stay home from work sick and make a bunch of money.

So anyway, I highly recommend Dan and his classes, and I've been able to have success as a regular person. I've been doing this for ... I've been selling my own courses for about 10 years actually, but only in the last six months have I been able to make it to the 10K club because I'm been using Dan's methods, okay? I'm now starting an agency and I've just started that aspect of it, and I'm looking forward to becoming ... doing the 10K club with that too, which would then have me a monthly net of 20K, which would be awesome. And I see that as really doable in the next ... Right now it's March, I think I can get there before July. So that's be pretty cool if the speech therapist, on the side, was making an extra 20K a month. So that's my plan and I'm gonna get there using Dan's methods.

Thank you so much, have a good day.