Shania Reviews Her Experience With SOC -"Dan's course is so incredibly practical and actionable"

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Shaina joined Sold Out Courses and says she couldn’t be happier with her investment! 

She was trying to find a strategy that would help her create passive income instead of trading time for money as she had been doing. 

Before Sold Out Courses, she had invested into so many courses and coaching programs and found that they are all full of fluff and “inspiration.” However, she claims that Sold Out Courses is incredibly action-oriented and truly teaches strategy! 

What’s Covered: 

 -Despite her not being naturally business-minded, she explains how Sold Out Courses helped her pave her way to profit. 

-How the one-on-one calls are phenomenal above anything else


Okay. Hi, it's and I don't even know where to begin to tell you how much I Love Dam's course. For years I've been trying to find some kind of strategy that would help me be able to create something that would get recurring income that I wouldn't have to constantly be trading, you know, hours for, for profit and all the other things that I found and looked into and even bought and tried, they were such let downs because I found that everything else was like so full of fluff and just like inspiration of like work hard. And I was like, well, I already know that. And Dan's course is so incredibly practical and actionable and even if you're not naturally business-minded, which is me. Like I'm a nutritionist and I'm a musician and I'm a healer. I am not naturally business-minded, but his course is so thorough and he teaches it so clearly and with so much step-by-step that I totally get it.

It makes so much sense to me. And in the beginning. And I feel like my, when I was like trying to decide if I should get the course or not, like first of all, I stalked him like all over the Internet anywhere that I could find. And I like, you know, consumed like all of his like free content I could find. And I realized like everything he puts out is just like so in the weeds and so practical and so actionable that I was like, all right, I'm totally gonna do this. And I did it and I, and I'm like, I feel like it's one of the best choices I ever made. And because I feel like it's really giving me, I haven't finished work of putting out my program yet, but even just working through it has given me so much confidence and like clearer direction because I knew I wanted to create this kind of thing, but I didn't really know how to do it until I bought the course.

So the course itself is unbelievable and full of so much incredible content that's super actionable. And on top of that, the video, the video calls, coaching calls that he gets on with us are phenomenal. I cannot believe that for like such a relatively low price to get into the program that we get. Literally, he gives you one on one direct feedback on what your creating. And it literally made everything that I did so much better because I would go through the content first and do my best, taking action with it and build, you know, start to go through, create my webinar and create my course. And of course, like I don't have experience with this. And like I'm not a millionaire yet yet. And so when I would present to him what my questions were, or even just what I had done so far with just like a rip it apart, but it was the best thing in the world because he would then be like, hey, let's make it better. It needs to be like this. It needs to be like that. And I feel like you can't even put a price on that. It was incredible. So I cannot thank him enough and I'm super grateful. And it's just a phenomenal course.