Over 500 Student Reviews…

Many times when deciding on whether or not to invest in a program, you have nothing but the the sales page to go by.. That's not the case with Dan Henry. We have over 500 reviews and case studies from actual students.

Our benchmark for success is the $10K Club, which means you are making over $10,000 per month as a result of Dan Henry Education. We have hundreds of students that have quit their 9-5, over 100 students in the $10K Club, and dozens that have hit the $25K, $50K, and even $100K per month mark.

So, should you invest in our programs? We'll let the 500+ reviews from our students answer that question below…

Martin Caron

Ste-Marie-Madeleine, Qc

Oslo, Norway

Criss Sayre Jr.

Tecumseh, MI

Nigel Richards

Harpenden, Hertfordshire UK

Lauren Dewhurst

Falls Church, VA USA

Temple Naylor

Portland, OR USA

Luke Widas

El Paso, TX USA

Jon Evans

Frankfort, IL USA

Chris Burton

Great Falls, MT USA

Thom Tillier

Detroit, MI USA

Jake Sabatino

Irvine, CA USA

Ryan Hawkins

Houston, TX USA

Chase Whited

Chattanooga, TN USA

Isaac Cortez

Lake Elsinore, CA USA

Harris Lim

San Francisco, CA USA

Dan Candell

Worcester, MA USA

John Garcia

Yucaipa, CA USA

Joshua Morgan

Greenfield, IN USA

Craig Morrell

Hartford, CT USA

Bill Weisgerber

Spokane, WA USA

Joseph Manuel Gonzales

Austin, TX USA

Malorie Tadimi

New Orleans, LA USA

Anthony Selm

Cincinnati, OH USA

Lorena Valencia

Katy, TX USA

Ari Rule

Portland, OR USA

Joshua Centers

El Dorado Hills, CA

Ross Williams

Orlando, FL USA

Theo Stavrou


Juan Morales

Houston, TX USA

Adam Smith

South Australia, Australia

Derek Vervoorn

Ontario, Canada

Mike Maitland

Bangkok, Thailand

Philip Gillins

Brockton, MA USA

Moka TW

Auckland, New Zealand

Derek N Stephanie Wright

South Boston, VA

Alex Gallner

Burbank, CA USA

Kris Trinity

London, UK

Chase Thompson

Texas, USA

Anthony Campanella

Baldwinsville, NY USA

Steve Larosiliere

Chicago, IL USA

Jayden Maharaj

Victoria, Canada

Glen Huff

Deerfield Beach, FL USA

Elie Goldschmidt

San Diego, CA USA

Christian C.

Hudson, FL USA

Audric Madera

Kissimmee, FL, USA

Jennifer Betbadal

Dallas, TX USA

Kyaw Linn Naing


Jeff Miller

Miami Beach, FL USA