Miserable Engineer Seeking More Fulfilling Path Creates 6 Figure Digital Marketing Agency in Only One Year

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Vlad worked in engineering and would come home completely exhausted. Even though it was a great job he was miserable. He knew that he had the potential to do more with his life. Then he found Dan's webinar and trusting his instincts he joined the course. A year later he has a digital marketing agency that he runs with his business partner. He has recently joined the 10k club and looks forward to growing his business even more.


Hey, what's going on? My name is Vlad, from Scottsdale, Arizona. So this morning I'm sitting here in my favorite park, reading a great book about personal growth, and I made this realization that I couldn't do this a year ago. I was working a job, a great engineering job nine to five, but I was miserable. I'd complain about it. I'd come home and all I wanted to do was just veg out because of how drained I was. It felt frustrating, because I knew I had way more potential.
And that's when I stumbled upon one of Dan Henry's Facebook ads. At first I was like, "Who's this 10-year-old boy trying to teach me stuff?" But then I watched his webinar, and my gut just said, "Go for it. Dive in. Just do it." And guys, that's when life got way, way better. Because of Dan Henry's course, I'm now free from the job I didn't like. I run a digital agency with a business partner. We work completely remote. We have clients in seven different states, and I just got this shirt in the mail yesterday with a letter from Dan himself, congratulating my accomplishment of hitting the 10K club.

This is real. So listen, if you also feel like you have a lot more potential, then I hope this story inspires you to reach that next level. Take Dan Henry's offer. Don't overthink it. Go with your gut. You will not regret it. I wish the absolutele best for you, and I can't wait to meet you in our awesome community.