Michael's Webinar is Performing at 5x ROAS!

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Michael’s New Webinar is Converting at 5x ROAS Thanks To Sold Out Courses!

Michael had an amazing course, but could never successfully launch it! 

He would try a strategy and then lose money. 

He’d try a different strategy and lose money again. 

He’d try ANOTHER time… more money down the drain! Until something in Sold Out Courses clicked with him, and now his sales are through the roof!

What’s Covered:

  • The trick that made Michael understand what would make his audience buy.
  • How Michael went from failing over and over again to having an incredibly successful course launch! 


What's going on, guys. I want to make this quick video for a little shout out for Dan Henry. Ahm, I'm going to try keep the short, sweet and simple, but there's, you know, like there's, there's a little story as to how we got to this process right here, um, or this position right here. Um, but currently our webinar is converting at five X ROI S plus or minus couple bucks, right? Um, I'm spending about $237 per sale, which is a nine 97 course. Um, hands-free. Okay. So we've put in about a thousand bucks and about 5,000 bucks has come out. Okay. Um, now this is obviously early days, like we've just launched this, but I mean, that's, you know, that's a proof of concept in my mind. And, uh, so yeah, massive shout out to Dan and I kind of want to give the, the, the, the backstory to this portion of success.

So I, I joined dance program with kind of a bad attitude, right? I had already had a course, had an existing course already, I'd been running Facebook groups. And so I joined the course thinking like, uh, like module one skip model to escape module three script Margaret webinars, slides and some Ninja tricks on that. It's cool. That's all I need. Took the slides, made the thing, you know, launched a webinar and I thought cakes, my group is mining it, like cold traffic will buy two. Right? Um, and so all I took was the, the, the slides and some districts for ads. And I was like, Hey, like how hard can it be? And launched it, launched it again, tweaked it, launched it again, $0 million, losing money, losing money, losing money, launched it again, launched it again. So then when I did was I took a step back and I say, can Michael stop being an ass hole?

And um, sit down and watch the entire program. Okay. Like, see what it is, why, why are other people like just freaking crushing it and you're struggling so much. Um, and so this exactly what I did, I sat down and watched the entire thing and you know, end to end and I realized, okay, I've been doing the wrong approach. Right? So following Dan's approach, I went to my audience, my warm audience, and I asked them, what do you want? Like, what are you struggling with? What's your number one struggle? Right? And simply all I did was I took their number one struggles. I took what they wanted and redesigned kind of following the exact formula now to actually really design it properly, built an entire new course and built an entire new webinar focusing on specific pain points. And yeah, early days, but five X ROI, S a big shout out to Dan. See you guys later.