Interview with Elite Mastermind Member: Michael

Customer Name: Michael

You really leave here with actual action items that you can actually take and apply to your businesses.



Dan: Hey, what's up everybody? Dan Henry here with Michael and I love your offer by the way. Thank you. Yeah. So you teach actors, models, actors, models, musicians, yup. Cover the whole genre. How To get higher and higher level. Yeah,

Michael: Higher level auditions. What we do is we take people who have already been involved in the entertainment industry. They've reached a certain level and now they just really can't get past that. So they have some experience but they just haven't been able to break through. So we take those people and we introduced them to anywhere from 25 to 35 are the most influential people in the industry. We do events twice a year, once in Los Angeles and once in New York. And then they also go through like a year long coaching program where we kind of really find out what's been holding them back. A lot of times it's just mindset or just just not having the right tweaks to their audition process and so forth. And we kind of put them through that whole program and we have a tremendous success rate.

Dan: That's awesome. That's awesome. I love that offer, this, this unique offer. So you joined a the elite mastermind to grow that business. We just got done with the second day of this quarters meeting and you've been in other masterminds, right,

Michael: Tom? I've probably spent close to over a hundred thousand dollars in the past two years on masterminds.

Dan: Okay, cool. Cool. So I have to ask you this question because I strive to be a little unique and different. What would you say how would you describe this mastermind in terms of how it's maybe different than other masterminds? This, this is the, yeah,

Michael: The only mastermind that you actually leave your AA, you have a great time. Oh, it's really comfortable. It's an awesome group of people that are involved in it. But what you really leave here with is like actual action items that you can actually take and apply to your businesses. So many masterminds that kind of just skirt around that they really go into the what you should be doing, but they don't really go into the house. They don't really deep dive into the mechanics of it and you just literally, every single problem a person has, you just boom, you just go through it step by step by step. So there's literally no way anyone could come here and leave being a failure. Like they just, they just literally would have to go home, take their notes, throw it away, and just ignore all the advice that you gave them.

Dan: Yeah, well, yeah, I've had people do that, believe it or not. So by signing the clock and your, your, your business is doing fantastic. Right? Phenomenal. They, you did a, I don't know if you want to show your number the last month. You did really good.

Michael: Right? we've, we've just, we've just, we've just gotten 95,000 last month. That's good. And that was actually without doing any type of retargeting whatsoever. So once we apply that,

Dan: We covered retargeting a lot, covered a ton of [inaudible] next week.

Michael: Follow up the retargeting. You got 48,000 leads just waiting to hear from us.

Dan: So the I w one moment in the mastermind that I, I, you know, I really personally like myself was, you know, I noticed that a common theme was a lot of people didn't have ads and retargeting up and it was taking forever. And so we grabbed the camera and I did the 15 minutes. It was 12 minutes, it was 12 minutes. I, it was from camera to add in 15 minutes. We set the clock at 15 minutes and it ended up being 12 a shot, a retargeting ad, put it on the computer, edit it, uploaded it, roasted quick copy. And the ad was launched in 12 minutes. W W I mean doing it the process that I did earlier and I showed you that process and is there any doubt in your mind that next week you should have like pretty much all your retirement that's literally put up 10 retargeting ads a day now that's awesome. Or, or regular ads or regular on regular ads. Yeah. It's just that was the subject you're talking about. So see the e fun

Michael: The tech, the technology the mindset, really overcoming a lot of obstacles that are holding people back at hearing. Everybody from the group seeing the personalized interactions. So many masterminds you go to, there's not that one-on-one. It's just like the speaker has something to cover. They cover it. Thank you very much for coming. And you know, off they go and it's usually just a lot of waste of time, energy and money. The expense of traveling here, you get a hundred times the value.

Dan: I appreciate that. Well, I try, I try to keep it that way because I like yourself. Men Been in a lot of masterminds a lot. And I, when I decided to make mine, I was like, wait a minute, why can't, like how can I do this differently? Like how can I make this something different? Because I want to enjoy myself too. And if all I did was get up, talk about a topic, view other people talking about a topic, we all network, bought each other's crap, and then that was it. That would bore me to tears, you know? So and the honesty, like 80% of the reason I do this mastermind is I like to stay sharp. I like to work with high level people and help them grow. And it just keeps my mind sharp. And I like to keep it like this, like more intimate and small. So, you know. But I glad, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to see some of your results ads and retargeting ads and results coming out and let's make that that let's turn that 95 and a one 95 sounds from [inaudible]. Thank you. Awesome.