Marketing Agency Owner Increases Recurring Monthly Revenue by More Than $50,000

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Timothy is a digital marketing agency owner that makes websites for clients in the fitness niche. He had some experience with ads and for a while the campaigns were successful. Since he didn't keep up on trends he decided to join the course and improve his skills. With the course his own agency has added over $50,000 in recurring revenue and is also helping clients get 10 times the results of his earlier ad campaigns.


Hey, my name is Timothy and this is baby Dean. We're in North Carolina. I run a digital marketing agency. We make websites for the fitness niche. Before I started working with Dan Henry I was just throwing ads out there for both me and my clients. To be honest with you, three, four years ago they worked pretty well. I didn't really keep up with new trends. I didn't really keep up with new technology. I invested in Dan Henry's course and after learning the things that he taught us and learning the concepts, I've not only, doing some quick math in my head, so my agency itself has made well over $50,000 in new additional, monthly, recurring revenue through leads generated by Facebook ads, using the strategies I've learned through the course. I've also created much more effective ads for my clients themselves that are creating greater than 10 times the results of my previous ads. Yeah, my clients are really happy and I'm happy because I have more clients. We're rocking and rolling. Thanks Dan. Appreciate you.