How Mark hit $35,000 His First Month in Elite Mastermind

Customer Name: Mark


Dan: Hey, what's up everybody? I'm here with mark first and we just got done with the, our latest elite mastermind meeting here in downtown St Pete. This is your first one, right?

Mark: Yeah, this is the first one I joined just over a month ago.

Dan: Cool. Cool. So let me just ask you why, why did you join? What was the problem? You,

Mark: The reason I joined is I was feeling a bit lost with, with scaling. My business was Facebook ads in general. We had a proven offer, we were getting lots of clients or Gannett clea, we'd have some success with Facebook ads, but we hadn't been able to, to kind of consistently scale them and consistently you get calls. And I had a lot of uncertainty over what to do and when and so I just wanted to get decent information basically.

Dan: Right. Cool. Cool, cool. And we let's see when we started, we implemented right away. Yeah, right. This was even before this meeting cause we have the weekly calls we implemented right away. And you had two pretty good results. The first two weeks.

Mark: Yeah. Well yeah, we'll be the, for the first couple of weeks you gave me the advice, you looked at the funnel, we redid the ads, we deleted some, we optimized after those first two weeks, the following two weeks. That's 35,000 cash oof in those two weeks because it was just getting the right information to do the right thing to do it without the uncertainty. Because the biggest problem I've had with Facebook, cause if you ask kind of 10 different people, you get 10 different answers. And then I just ended up kind of like what the hell do I do?

Dan: Yeah. And then we we worked on your club cause you saw high tickets yeah. Over the phone. And we worked on your, your, your clothes. Yeah. And w we found that you weren't pulling yeah. A lot of the emotion out of the clothes. We fixed that that, that, that helped. And then we also cut the ad costs. Was it half? It was. Huh? Yeah. Huh. Okay. Cool. Cool. Cool. And what, so let me ask you this. Why did you choose to do the elite mastermind over any other mastermind?

Mark: I went did a lot of research. I had a good look at the market place because I've done a lot of study, I've done a lot of other programs and I decided to know what it's got my business to the next level up. I didn't want to group big group program. I didn't want another online course. I need just to get access to someone that's already got the results that I wanted. When I say access, I didn't want to be like 60 or 70 or 80 people. I wanted, you know, a smaller kind of environment where someone can give me tactical and strategic advice, who's done it because that's the biggest problem. There's so much information out here. What do I do? Do I listen to this person, this person? It's just I looked at the marketplace, so who's got the results? Yeah. Simple as that and appreciate it.

Dan: Cool. Cool. Have you been in any other masterminds? Never. Never been in a mastermind, no. Okay, cool. I bet. I bet. Have you, have you heard about, I have other masculinities work. My work's a little bit too. Yeah.

Mark: I chose yours because I didn't at other ones and they were like kind of networking. Yeah. Networking and events. I mean not saying [inaudible] this is obviously an event, but I didn't want to go into something for the context. I wanted to go to something for the skill set. Sure. Improve as a business owner and just to be able to ask the right questions in the calls and get the answers that I need. And then action as simple as that. So it's kind of that I don't know what the phrase is. I'm looking for that direct actionable advice rather than having a few drinks or whatever and talking about, cause that helps. Right. [inaudible] smashed this where it says a, speaking of that I personally

Dan: Try to make this mastermind, these events effective, right? I mean, try to make the process effective. What would you say in terms of a, how do you feel about the process in terms of effectiveness?

Mark: Very effective. I mean, it's just obviously I have to take responsibility for asking you the right questions. And then obviously as we've been speaking about this, this and this event, implement it and stuff, but it's effective because it's two way communication. I ask you a question and you tell me what to do. It's cause you've done it previously. Yeah. It's as simple as that. And not only that, because it's, there's not a lot of that, there's not a lot of that going around. Just ask a question and then tell you guys to try to answer it is, but not from people that have actually done it. True. Yes.

Dan: Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So you've only been in for like a month and the result was we, we, we worked on some stuff for two weeks. You implemented that. You did 35 grand in two weeks. When previous to that, what did you do the whole last month

Mark: We, we doubled the cash, the amount of cash. We doubled the cash

Dan: And cut the lead cost.

Mark: Yeah. And we had, before I came in, I had one, I don't go that was dying. I was struggling to get other ad angles to work. Now I've got three that consistently converting and after this event I've got some homework in terms of re targeting. Yeah. So yeah, we've got a solid platform now to take action

Dan: And I know it's early, but in terms of your business and you know obviously your business feeds into your personal life and your life at home and your life at work and just life in general. Has any part of this affected that yet?

Mark: Yeah, I mean of course I am happy about where the business is going. I feel confident. I know that now if I go home, I'll go back home tomorrow. The flight home, I know what exactly what I've got to do. I know that if I don't do it, I'm not going to be having great conversations on the calls. But no, I mean my partner very lucky. She supports me and yeah, I'm excited to go back and implement because I've just got clear plan before. It's Kinda like what do I do first? Are you going to get ready to implement what you learned over the past few days? Not Tonight, but yeah. Tonight you get smashed. Right now I had to do that, but yeah. Yeah, I've, I'm excited. I'm excited to go back and yeah. Get moving. All right. Yeah. Hey, awesome. Thanks Don. I'm really appreciate it. Yes. Awesome. And what would you, what would you say to anybody considering joining elite? If you are kind of like I just described, if you're wanting to scale your business, if you wanted to get advice from someone that's done it, speak to them. Thanks man. Hey, awesome. I'll see you. [inaudible] Thank you.