Mackenzie Lands 80 New Sales For The Month, and Describes Her Experience With SOC!

Customer Name: Mackenzie

Mackenzie joined Sold Out Courses program and claims she’s SO glad she did! 

She decided she wanted to make a course on messenger bots as in her circle, she is always called “the bot queen!” 

She says that Sold Out Courses laid out everything she needed to do from course creation and structure, to the initial marketing, to scaling her course! 

What’s Covered: 

-Mackenzie explains how crystal clear the program was! 

-She explains how many more sales she’s gotten due to joining Sold Out Courses


Hello, this is Mackensie and I wanted to do this quick video to give a shout out to Dan Henry and his sold out courses program. So before I joined, so that courses I had decided, you know what, I'm going to build a course about messenger bots because I'm the go-to person and the bot queen. And I figured I can help more people by creating a course. Um, I didn't know exactly the steps of how to do a tout to walk through and, um, create something that people would really love and that would get, um, they get a lot of response from. Uh, so I finally bit the bullet and got Dan's sold out courses because I had seen what he had done with his courses, obviously. And he knows what he's talking about. He knows, um, what needs to be done in order to get the results needed.

You know, he, his results pretty much speak for himself. So with that because of his experience and results eyes like, you know what, I'm going just, um, invest in this program and uh, take my course to the next level instead of me trying to figure it all out on my own and doing a lot of, um, issues or have a lot of issues of learning as I went. So what I have loved about, so that courses is his step by step instructions on how to build a course. Luckily, when I started, um, I'd only done a little bit on my own before I jumped in. Um, so his course really helps to walk you through step by step of how to set up the course, how to do the webinar, uh, what to talk about. And it's great because you can just pause, rewind, um, fast forward and just implement exactly what he's stating.

Not only are the videos awesome, uh, to be able to get your course, uh, to the point where you are confident in your abilities to promote it and sell it via webinars, but also the live calls that he has are great for answering questions. And if you can't catch them alive, you can obviously re-watch the videos and get a lot of information from that to help you with your course building. Um, as a result of getting his program, I've been able to, uh, highly promote my course and it's been super successful. Um, in November I sold 80, um, about 80 spots in my course, which was unbelievable. Um, that was also thanks to help from Arne Giske as well to help me promote it. Um, but with the basis of what I learned in, so a lot of courses for the foundation that has been a huge game changer and not only has helped, it helped me create a phenomenal product for people, but also increased my own confidence in my abilities to sell my course. So thanks so much Dan for that. Um, I have truly enjoyed your program and has been a game changer for myself and my family and I love the fact that I can now transition more towards the learning aspect and educational aspect of my business rather than just the day to day in and out of client work. So thanks so much.