Life Coach Learning Marketing Happy He Took Leap of Faith With Course

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Ruben is a life coach who began working with Dan to learn how to market his business. He had some digital marketing knowledge but the course showed him a better way to get results with ads. Even though he's a self described skeptic he's happy he took a leap of faith because it's changed how he uses marketing to reach his goals.


Hey what's up everybody? My name's Ruben Ricart and I'm a life coach from New York City. I started working with Dan because I wanted the opportunity to scale my business. I wanted the opportunity to do things right. Sometimes we think we know what we're doing and we don't and as business owners you probably know this or have somebody who aspires to be a business owner. You know that sometimes you just need guidance.
There's so much information out there but you don't know who you're going to trust. Now, Dan was very convincing. I watched his webinars, I looked at the community that he built. I looked at the mastermind community that was behind the program and initially I said to myself, this is a leap of faith but this is something that I think would help. I don't regret taking or rather making that decision.

There are tools that you're going to learn about. There are opportunities that are at your reach right now that you are unaware of. There's a group of people just like you inside of this course. Inside of this community that are going to help you tremendously to reach your next level in business. Whether you hope to do this for your family or whether you hope to do this because you want to get more money or you just simply want to help more people. You wanna just scale your business. You're not going to regret this course. You're not going to regret working with Dan Henry.

I have learned so much and believe me I thought I knew. I thought I knew enough to help me through digital marketing, through online marketing. There are things that you are going to discover that are going to take your business to the next level. If you're on the fence believe me, you're not going to regret it. At least I didn't and there are so many others that did not as well. Too much information out there. Too many things to go through but what Dan Henry has put together is very different and I can tell you that I'm a very skeptical person but when I joined, I took a leap of faith and I don't regret it. The community has been the most valuable asset that I feel is there. But beyond that, the information that Dan provides in such a practical and clear way is going to help your business in ways that you're not going to even imagine until you take that ...