Kyle Reviews SOC - "I Wish I Had This Program From The Very Start"

Customer Name: Kyle

Kyle says, within the first 30 seconds, that Sold Out Courses was “one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business!” 

 He also goes on to explain how Sold Out Courses effectively taught him how to market and scale his course, as selling a course was incredibly foreign to him at the beginning. 

What’s Covered: 

-How immensely valuable the precise, step-by-step, easy-to-follow layout is in Sold Out Courses! 

-Recently implementing just a few surface-level tweaks that Sold Out Courses taught Kyle, and how it's effected his business


Hey, my name is Kyle and I want to record this testimonial for Dan Henry's sold out courses program because it has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. I'll let me tell you a little bit about me just so you can understand why I'm giving this program such high praise. I run a agency focusing on Google ad words. A while back I decided to put together a course on that topic just to help people, uh, help business owners and help other people running AdWords agencies. Because a lot of the information out there about Google ad words I found just wasn't very good. So I wanted to fill that gap. Uh, my course is called ad words for local businesses. Now, I had started putting this course together before Dan Henry had his sold out courses program. Um, I was certainly, uh, observing him from a distance and learning what I could from him and really found, um, what I did observe him doing when I was able to implement some of that stuff with some of the best, uh, some of the best stuff that I did on most helpful stuff that I did with my course.

I'll, when he finally had this program ready and I was able to sign up for it, I took the opportunity and let me tell you, it's a whole different thing. Observing someone and trying to figure out how they're doing, what they're doing. Um, that's a whole different thing than actually being shown by, by that person, how they are doing what they're doing. It's like peeling back the curtain on a wizard's laboratory and having him show you how to mix every potion that he mixes. Okay. Dan obviously knows what he's doing when it comes to selling courses in the sold-out courses program. He shows you everything step by step by step. Now I feel like I was actually at a disadvantage having my course, uh, put together before actually going through sold-out courses because I had to relearn a lot of stuff and change a lot of stuff.

Um, I wish I had had his program from the very start, but since I didn't, I had to make do and uh, start applying what I learned from him to my existing course. So since I already had my, my content together, the biggest thing that I got out of sold-out courses was learning how to sell my course. Now I'm a marketer, right? I specialize in AdWords and running lead generation campaigns for local businesses, but that's an entirely different thing than marketing a course. So the, the things Dan teaches and the specific strategies he shows you and the exact approaches you need to take, it just brought everything into a whole other for me, it helped me take things to the next level. I implemented just a few of the things that he, that he taught recently. And um, in just two days, okay, I made $7,000 in sales.

That used to be a good month for me selling my course. Uh, now I can say that that is a good two days. So if you are interested in putting a course together, selling a course, uh, if you already have a course and you're trying to figure out how to get SA sales, how to get more sales than you really need to stop what you're doing and invest in sold out courses, just stop thinking about it. Okay? You probably shouldn't even finish watching this testimonial. You should just go order the course right now because every minute you sit there and wait and wonder about it is a minute you're wasting. You're not going to be able to figure all this out on your own. I tried it. Believe me. It's not. It can't be done. You need someone like Dan to show you exactly how to do it step by step. That's all. Dan, thank you for putting this together. Thank you for sharing all of your secrets with me. Um, I will be forever grateful. Um, anyone watching this, go ahead and invest in the course. You will be glad that you did.