Insurance Agency Owner Goes From Yellow Pages to Facebook Ads Then Helps Grow Other Businesses

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Rick has an insurance agency and has used traditional methods of marketing like Yellow Pages. He wanted to find a better way to get more clients and joined the course to learn ads for that goal. With the course he's been able to generate leads for his own business and also help other local business owners do the same. He has used his skill to create an additional income source following the step by step process.


Hi everyone, Rick McEvoy from Virginia. How's everyone doing out there? Just want to give shout out to Dan Henry's Facebook course. Very comprehensive, learning a ton, still learning a lot of information from his course. I have an insurance agency, had it for several years and been doing the traditional marketing, the Yellow Pages and obviously there's got to be a better way. So I was on a Facebook fan page group one day and someone asked, "Does anyone in the group know anyone that has a really good Facebook course?" Overwhelmingly they mentioned Dan Henry, and not just that but it's a very valuable course, many times the value of what you pay for it. So that was enough for me to jump in, take a look at it, and since then I've been able to generate a lot of leads, a lot of traffic for my agency using his techniques. 'Cause he doesn't just go into the "how" but the "why", the psychology behind it, how to build sales funnels, what is bait, how do you want to get to your customer to give his email and phone number. So it's a whole process step-by-step.
So I've been using his process, like I said generating a lot of traffic for my own agency and I insure a lot of plumber, and painting contractors, and some restaurant owners, and I'm able to show them, not really show them but actually help them do the Facebook advertising campaign for them, so I'm generating multiple streams of income for myself. So I would definitely highly recommend Dan Henry's Facebook training program to anyone 'cause it really is a step-by-step process, as long as you paint by the numbers and follow his course, do exactly what he says, don't deviate from the plan. You'll get many times the value of what you put into it. So once again, highly recommend Dan Henry's course, and I keep on learning from him. Thanks a lot