Frustrated With Facebook Changes Student Improves Skills and Quadruples Business in Months

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Debbie had inconsistent income and wasn't confident in her ability to get results with Facebook ads. She felt the platform had evoloved leaving her struggling. She joined the course to improve her skills and was pleased to find that it has very step by step instructions. She doesn't consider herself to be very tech savvy yet was able to gain retainer clients. With that regular monthly income she found freedom in agency work while still realizing there is room to grow. In the last few months her business has quadrupled and she has the kind of financial security she enjoyed while being an employee.


Hello. This is Debbie Horovitch from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is my very quick video testimonial for working with Dan Henry. What I'm here to share with you this evening is my personal experience with working with Dan Henry, what it's been like. Before working with Dan Henry, I had the problem of inconsistent income. I think it was a persistent inconsistent income. I wasn't really confident in my ability to manage Facebook campaigns anymore. I think that the Facebook platform, advertising platform had really changed a lot and I felt left behind, I think, with the technology and really unsure of how to actually manage day to day elements of a regular Facebook ad campaign for my clients.
So, what I really liked about Dan's course was how clear his instruction is. It gives me very step by step instructions that I can follow, which is really good for me because I'm a tech dummy. Prior to working with Dan Henry, I'd never built a website before. I was feeling very unsure and not confident about Facebook campaigns, as I mentioned. Really, I think a lot of that's changed now since I've been working with Dan Henry. I now have a handful of monthly retainer clients.

Having clients on retainer really has given me a different type of freedom in my business that I've never had before. It gives me a financial sense of freedom because I have that sense of security that I used to have when I was full-time employed by knowing what monthly income I have from a baseline to start with every month and the confidence that I can serve my clients and keep them satisfied makes it really valuable. So, I'm getting to the point where I can easily see how I can begin to scale my business, but without a whole lot of technical stuff or complicated stuff, my business just about quadrupled when I began working with Dan Henry. So, within just a few months. So, that's it. Thanks so much. Have a great evening.