Frustrated With Complex Outdated Facebook Ad Courses Student makes $12,000 Two Weeks After Joining

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Cindy had taken a couple of different courses to learn how to market on Facebook using ads. They'd left her feeling frustrated because the material was complex plus not always updated to keep students current as Facebook changed. She joined Dan's course and within two weeks made $12,000 because her new skills were worth more to clients. Now she feels confident in her ability to help clients get the most out of social media, especially Facebook.


What's up everyone, my name is Cindy Manning and I'm from the San Francisco Bay area and I've been a part of Dan Henry's Get Clients course for the past year now and what I have to say is that before joining Dan's course, I've taken other Facebook ad courses before through, I don't know how many years now, five years now ... Facebook's always constantly changing, people teach it really in complicated ways but Dan really nails it down in a way that's simplified. He has simple strategies and the implementation process of learning Facebook ads through Dan is so easy and you get results. And so that's what I really appreciate is that he's straight to the point and his strategies are just simplified and so because of that I've taken on Facebook ads into my current business to add additional value to what I can offer people in my work that I do. And so because of that I have gotten up to $12,000 in sales utilizing Facebook ads in my services. $12,000 in sales within two weeks and that's because I've upped my ... it upped my value, it upped my value. It adds more benefits to my clients because the thing is, online, social media ... Facebook is huge and if we're not supporting clients in a way for them to be fully leveraged online and I think Facebook is huge, right? They're missing out.
I had to learn Facebook ads and so Dan's course definitely has helped me out. It has definitely helped my clients out and my sales have just continued to skyrocket because I do have this extra ability and skills now. That's what I love about this course and so if you're on the fence about this and I know there's so many courses out there, right? I totally get it. But the thing is, with Dan Henry's course, like I said, it's straight to the point. It's easy to follow, just invest your money, you'll get the money back, for real. The thing is ... I honestly think that you'll get a lot from it as well as your clients or maybe you have your own business where you want to use Facebook ads to grow yourself as well. It's just straight up awesome and the cool part is that Dan is constantly updating the community who's boughten the course, which is great because Facebook's always changing.

And the cool thing is, when you buy the course, you're part of an awesome community. It's like everyone in the group is super inspiring. People are celebrating their wins. It's just amazing to be a part of a group that's on the same journey, right. Anyhow, I would say go for it, go for it, utilize, take action and I'm sure that you will be grateful that you did it. I can't wait to see you inside the group. Hopefully you do take that step and thanks Dan, again, and team for creating this opportunity for all of us and I am looking forward to connecting with more of you soon. All right, take care.