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Mike had a web design and SEO company when he started working with Dan to learn Facebook ads. He was able to 50x his initial investment in the course in only 45 days time. From there he became the expert at helping gyms get more clients with over 100 clients nationwide. Mike was also able to reduce his operating costs which were previously at 60k/month with an 18 person team. Now he has a system that he is able to use to replicate his results with gym owners across the country.


What's up, guys? It's your boy, @themikebarron1 on Instagram. Real quick, I want to give a big shout out to Dan Henry and the entire team behind Dan. I have been running a website design and SEO company between 2013 and 2016, got hooked up with Dan, started using his methods, I started using his training, I started running Facebook ads. I started running Instagram ads. And within the first 45 days, I returned my money 50 times over. Okay? So for the investment I made, I returned my money 50 times over within the first 45 days.
Here's some of the proof. I'm at a client's place right now. Annie doesn't know that we're going to feature her, but Annie works for Property Fitness. Here's my dude, Gage. We're actually inside of a gym right now and I have quickly, quickly become one of the leading authorities for trainers and for gym owners when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads.

So what has this mean to me? What has this mean to me? Okay, I used to have a team of 18 people running my website design company. 18 people, okay? So think about the overhead. I'm talking about over 60 grand in overhead every single month, okay? Because of my new skills and techniques with running ads, I am able to do more for clients but I was also able to reduce my team.

I now have three. Overhead is not even a quarter of what it used to be, and I'm doing better numbers. So you do the math. We used to do over 60 grand a month. I'm doing better today, because of the new developments. I have a little bit more time, okay? I have a system, it works, and I just duplicate that all across the country.

This is going to sound crazy. I literally have a 100% success rate and I'm working with over 100 clients. Okay? This is an update for my case study a couple months back when I had 45.

So if you are a marketer, if you want to leave your 9 to 5, if you want to help people, get with my dude, Dan, and he'll hook you up. To all my people out there chasing success, chasing greatness, to all my people that want to help, I'll see you guys at the top. Keep hustling.