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Kylie wanted to learn more about Facebook Ads. She already owned an online business but wanted to create a course to help her stop trading her time for money with client work. She'd run some Facebook ad campaigns but didn't get results and felt like her ad spend was a waste of money instead of an investment in her business. Using the skills she learned from the course Kylie now not only sells her own course but helps clients grow their business with Facebook ads. She loves her new lifestyle and is amazed at the results she's had in only 10 months.


Hi guys. It's Kylie from Australia, and I just wanna talk to you for a moment about Dan Henry's Facebook Ads course.
So, I've always loved working in the online space. I've always been really attracted to technology and working in that way. But, before I came across Dan Henry, I was actually working in my own business, but it was really a job. I was trading time for money, and if I didn't work, I didn't get paid. And I was looking for a way to develop an online course and leverage the sales of that course using Facebook Ads. So, before I came across Dan, I had actually run some ads, and they were pretty bad. So, I learnt pretty quickly that it was an easy way to waste a lot of money very quickly. So, it's almost like making a donation to Facebook rather than actually achieving anything out of that for my own business.

So, I decided that I needed to learn more about Facebook Ads, and I came across Dan's course. Actually sat through and watched his entire webinar about how to start an agency, and I'd never thought about starting an agency before. But the idea was really attractive and it really drew me in. And I thought about it and I just couldn't resist but jump into Dan's course. And once I was in there, I realized just how much information was in there. It was everything that I needed to know to make my ads for my own business successful, but also to startup this digital agency, even though I knew nothing about digital agencies before this.

So, here I am now, and I'm about nine or 10 months down the tracks since I bought the course. And not only have I been able to successfully sell my own digital products and my own courses online using Facebook Ads, but I have started an agency. And I've had a number of short-term clients over the months, but at the moment I've got two longer term clients who are actually paying me the same amount as what I used to earn in my own business trading time for money. And I love what I'm doing with these clients. It feels really easy. I keep having to pinch myself to see that people are actually paying me to do this, and they're paying me every month, month after month. Not just a once off.

So, it's quite amazing. And I love this new lifestyle. So, if you're not sure about getting Dan's course, just know that it's got everything that you could possibly want. You won't need to buy another Facebook Ads course. You won't need to search around the internet and see who else is teaching or what other strategies are there because everything you need is actually in this course. And you can use it for your own business, you can use it to sell digital products, and you can use it to start an agency. So don't hesitate. Just jump in there, and learn from Dan.

And don't forget this mastermind community that you get of over two thousand people in the Facebook group. If ever you have a question, your first point of call is this Facebook group. It is just incredible. Somebody there can answer every single question you could ever have about your advertising. So, that in itself is work the investment in the course. So, jump in. I am so pleased that I did. It is one of the best purchases I've ever made.