From Rough Business Times and an Ill Wife Working to Provide Financially to a 900% Increase in Income Including a 20k Earning in One Week's Time

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Matt bought Dan's course to help his struggling business. He'd experienced some hard times including bad investments. When he first found Dan he was skeptical that the course may be like others that were more fluff than quality material. Matt's wife has chronic fatigue syndrome, an illness whose symptoms come on suddenly and can lead to being bedridden for weeks. At the time Matt bought Dan's course his wife had recently returned to work to help support them financially. Using what he learned in the course and Dan's mentorship Matt was able to turn their life around so that his wife could CHOOSE whether to go to work. The financial results have been amazing. Matt went from supporting a family of four on less than 1k a month to growing over 900% in revenue. In one week alone he was able to make $20k. These results have completely changed Matt and his families lives forever.


Hey guys. My name is Matt Connors from Australia. I just want to say a big thank you to Dan Henry. He has literally changed my life. We'd had some bad investments that had gone bad and we were in a position where it was changing our lifestyle for the worst and we basically bought Dan's course because I had a business that was struggling. It was ticking along all right and then what happened was we went through some bad circumstances and it basically turned to crap.
I bought Dan Henry's course and I was worried I guess like everybody is, you know, before they buy a course. Is this just another piece of fluff? Is this something that will actually make a difference or will I just look at it and go, that's cool. What I'm glad to be able to say is it has made a monumental difference to my life and to that of my family. My wife suffers from chronic fatigue and chronic fatigue you can be fine one day, one week, one month and then the next week you can't get out of bed. We were in a position where my wife had to go back to work and she was really, really struggling with her health. Through Dan Henry's advice, courses, mentorship and all of the other wonderful people in the groups that Surround Dan Henry, we were able to change our lifestyle for the better to a point where now my wife can choose to work if she wants to, and she does for the social interaction.

If you are sitting on the fence, if you are sort of wondering does this guy actually produce results or he is, you know, just like all the other sort of internet marketers out there and full of rubbish and whatever, I'd just like to say no. He's the real deal. He will tell you honestly what you need to do to get results and sometimes he'll actually be fairly honest in that. He wont' hold his punches, but that's what you want in your mentor because he will get you the results.

Just to give an example how far I've come. When my business took a downturn we went from around about $5,500-6,000 per month and that took a real hit because of a disgruntled customer who decided to just go ballistic on social media. We got down under $1,000 a month, and as you can imagine with a family of four overheads and all that sort of thing, that money doesn't go very far. With the advice of Dan Henry and the things that are in his course, I've been able to turn that around five months. I've been able to grow about 900%. I've been able to grow like 200% month on month on month. I had a couple of little glitches here and there where I made mistakes, but right now, to give an example, I've been able to go well over $10K every month for the last few months.

The other thing is Dan's what he teaches you is not only exactly how to go and do things to get started, but he opens your mind to new possibilities. Just an example, last week I opened my mind to a completely new possibility and I thought, I'm going to do this the Dan Henry way. I did and I made $20K in seven days. If you are on the fence, honestly, Dan Henry is the man. Thank, Dan, for everything you've done for me and my family. It has changed our lives. It's changing our lives forever. Also, to all the other people in and around his groups, you are ... The value that everybody that hangs around Dan provides is just tremendous.