From Putting Course Aside to Taking a Leap of Faith

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Jonathan wanted to start an agency but struggled to get results because he wasn't following the instructions from Dan's course. He became busy with life including his wedding and put his goals aside. Then he decided that he wanted to stop working for others so he's leaving his job with no safety net other than his confidence in the course and his own ambition.


Hi. My name's Johnathon and I live in New York City. I started working with Dan probably around November 2017 and since then I've run ads for multiple businesses. But I struggled to find the right type of client to work with. That's because I didn't follow Dan's instructions. I didn't follow his carefully mapped out strategies. Dan's techniques are proven by all the great people in his mastermind group.
But life got in my way. I got engaged to my beautiful girlfriend. Then we planned the wedding in three months.

It's 2018 now. I just got married and things are going to change. I'm tired of building someone else's dream. This is the year I make serious changes. This is the year I take charge of my life. So my wife and I decided to do what any newly married couple steeped in debt up to their eyeballs would do.

I'm leaving my nine to five, secure paycheck and going all in with everything I've learned from Dan Henry. Because without a safety net or a back up plan, I have not choice but to succeed. If you're ready to make change happen this year, start by working with Dan Henry.