From Inconsistent Income to 15 Monthly Retainer Clients in Only 8 Months

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Before working with Dan, Matt had a cash flow problem. One client would send him 20k and another 2k. He really needed some consistent income. Using the course and in only 8 months time he has 15 monthly retainer clients. Not only is this regular income, the clients are people Matt is excited to work with. In less than a year his life is totally different.


Hey this is Matt O'Flynn currently in Kelowna, British Columbia. Eight months ago before working with Dan, I had a cash flow problem. Someone sent me 20 thousand, someone sent me two thousand and it was super chaotic, and I needed some consistency. So I took Dan's course, he was an amazing mentor and I now have 15 monthly recurring retainer clients, super awesome people. People I love working with every single day and life is totally different, I pretty much wake up, check my calendar, jump on a call, get the work done and I literally couldn't thank Dan enough. If you're on the fence, don't be. Jump that, come over onto this side because it is really good. Cheers.