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Stephen had no way of making consistent income because his business was based on one time events. He joined Dan's course to learn marketing skills and a year later helps local business owners get more clients using Facebook ads. Now he has stable monthly income and can use his skills to help friend's businesses grow.


Hey guys, it's Stephen from Minnesota. I just want to do this video real quick to let you know about Dan Henry's course.
Before I bought Dan Henry's course about a year ago, I had no way of making a consistent income. All my income was based off of one-off events and helping people through a business I created. After buying this course I was able to run ads for my business, land two clients that were family friends, that I wanted to help with their business. Now I have that consistent income coming in that allows me to just keep growing my business and help other businesses as well.

The Mastermind that comes along with Dan's products is let alone worth it. Being around other entrepreneurs, and being able to bounce ideas off each other, and learn from other people's successes have been one of the greatest things about Dan's products. I also plan on growing this business as well.

So, if you guys are on the fence at all, I'd recommend you definitely buying it . Thanks.