From A Large IRS Bill to Using New Marketing Skills to Build a 6 Figure Business Student Becomes Well Known Digital Marketing Expert

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Tucker was an independent contractor for Office Depot. He found himself owing $2,000 to the IRS due to poor tax advice. He only had two months to come up with the money. With that deadline in mind he joined Dan's course and earned not only that amount he needed but much more. Since then Tucker has been featured as a digital marketing expert in well known publications, generates thousands of leads for his clients, and joined the 10k club.


Hi, my name is Tucker Ferwarda. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah, and towards the end of this video I am going to show you the exact results that I was able to get because I was able to work with Dan Henry. It's something very dear to my heart, it's something that I haven't shown to anyone besides my wife, and this moment was one of the biggest milestones and achievements that I had reached, and it's all because of Dan Henry.
I've had a lot of trainings. They were all great. I've had a lot of trainings on certain things, certain aspects, but it was because of Dan Henry and his way to see how digital marketing was supposed to happen that I was able to exponentially grow me and my business, and not only that, though, but just to help my family.

I had to give. Because I was an independent contractor for Office Depot, I owed $2,000 to the IRS because of tax season and I had no idea. My CPAs told me late or something and I basically had to find out how to make $2,000 in just under a month or two. So I decided to invest in Dan's course, and my first client, from doing one of his trainings I made $3,000 over the length of time that I was able to work with the client.

Not only that, though, but I've been able to do a ton of stuff since I took his training. I've been able to do consulting, I've been able to meet a lot of awesome people, I'm now generating hundreds and thousands of leads per month just from my clients. I've been able to be featured in large publications all about digital marketing, and just a lot of other cool stuff, all because of Dan Henry and his training.

I also made it to his 10K Club, where I was able to make 10K in a month by joining one of his programs, and I was able to go to one of his events, get awarded, and that was way cool.

So I just wanted to give this piece of gratitude for him and his trainings, and if you're on the fence about thinking about joining his whatever, just do it. Spend the time, spend the money, and just do it, because it's helped me a lot.

So watch this next clip. It's very important to me and I'm very excited to show it to you.

I just barely called my wife but I just made the 10K Club. I just messaged Dan's team and look. Oops. So that's Ivy. She helps with Dan's team and everything, and I just made the 10K Club. Now I'm in my car, because I was freaking out.

Anyway, sorry. I'm super excited though. Today was the last day it could have happened, too. I did 8500, as of today, within the past four weeks or whatever, and my client, one of my students, ended up paying ... so she signed up for just a six week coaching and whatnot. Anyway, here she is, but she paid the last little bit today, just barely, so that's what crossed it over.

Hey, honey. Guess what?