From a Failed Launch to Gaining Marketing Skills


Brett created his first funnel to promote an e-book and membership site but didn't know how to launch it. His friend told him about Dan and he joined the course to learn marketing. In the course he found that he learned not only the marketing principles but how to advertise. He appreciates that it focuses on what is absolutely necessary, the 20% from the 80/20 principle.


I want to show you something. This is my first web funnel I ever built. In 2016, an e-book for Facebook, and there's a big story behind this that I want to share with you. It was the first thing I ever built, I put a program behind it, membership site, and it was the first thing I did in 2016, but my big failure was I didn't know how to get it launched.
I spoke to a friend of mine called Danny Walsh in the UK, and he recommended Dan Henry, who I'd never heard of, and he said he's the mad professor. Actually, apart from being a bit of a dick sometimes, he is the mad professor. He's a genius. He's an absolute genius and I found his details in the click funnels official group and I followed through to his page and I quickly started following him and learned about his education programs. I signed up for one of them in the would have been the very beginning or Christmastime of 2016 into 2017.

He was really just getting started with his education on a large scale. The guy's work is just fantastic. He has a skill of being able to understand really good principles, ageless principles from time gone by. You can go and check out other people and they regurgitate the same stuff, but Dan has a way of positioning it in his training and in his live broadcasts in a way that you just get it. You absolutely get it. You can follow it, step by step, it's broken down.

He gives you some tough love sometimes and he challenges you, and he really is on the money with the way he puts his training across. If you want help with funnels, live broadcasts, with seminars, and particularly in the area of creating an advertising campaign using any of the platforms. I will say Facebook and Instagram, you need to tune in to Dan Henry's education programs.

There isn't anything out there quite like what he does. I'll say that again. There isn't anything out there quite like the way in which he does it. He's very direct, he cuts through all the crap, he gets to what I call the 80/20. He focuses on the 20% that will deliver you the 80% of what you really do need to know and get started with. If you're at the beginning of a journey or if you are in the middle of a program and you're stuck, or you really want to scale your business. You've gone from, perhaps, doing $100,000 a year and you want to break through into 300,000, then again, Dan Henry's education programs will definitely play a huge part in getting you on that path. Okay?

The only other thing I would say is choose one mentor, and if you're going to choose one, it's probably Dan Henry. He gets a massive thumbs up from me.