Experienced Digital Marketer Experiences Complete Mindset Change With Course Then Generates $78,000 in Only 3 Months

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Harald had four years of digital marketing experience before joining Dan's course. After going through the modules his entire mindset around Facebook ads changed. Using the strategies taught in the course he generated $78,000 in only 3 months.


Hey guys. It's Harald here from Norway. Far away in the norther country. The country of the vikings and this is a big shout out and a thanks. A sincere thanks to Dan Henry for his amazing work in putting together the course that he has created. I've been in, before stumbling upon Dan's course, I've been into the entire online marketing and building businesses online for about four years and it was first when I found his course and went through it, that I really got a good understanding and how Facebook ads works. By going through his course, I was able to shift my entire mindset on how the Facebook ads should be used. By using his tactics, I was able to, together with my team, deploy a new strategy and within the first three months close clients of about $78,000, so that was amazing and we wouldn't be able to do that without Dan's knowledge and what he teaches in the course.
So, Dan, thank you so much for sharing all of that amazing content with us and it's been a pleasure to get to know you and if you're on the fence considering getting into the course or getting into contact or cooperating or even talking with Dan, you should do it. He's the man. He knows what he's talking about and I know that you will get benefits from going through his course, getting to know him and going through his content because he knows what he is talking about. Just looking at my example from going form having been in the industry for about four years and then going through his content and it revolutionized my approach. Being able to basically generate the $78,000 in two months was amazing. So, if you're considering working with Dan, go for it. It's worth it every single penny. Thanks Dan and see you guys.