David Joins SOC And Shows How Quick His Sales Have Went Up, and Ad Costs Going Down

Customer Name: David

David explains how he is not even in the course business, but Sold Out Courses truly helped him take his income to the next level! 

 David also talks about how before he joined Sold Out Courses, he was making roughly 4-6 sales every two weeks. 

After he implemented a few of the strategies he learned in Sold Out Courses, he makes roughly sales 40-45 sales per week now and growing! 

What’s Covered: 

-David explains how hard Dan works to solve his individual problems 

-How much Sold Out Courses has affected his monthly income


Hi, I'm David out there. I wanted to give a little bit of a review about sold out courses and working with Dan Henry and I'm going to give you a little bit of background. I'm not in a, in the courses business, I'm actually sending a membership to a travel site. And before I was working with Dan, I was working with a coach that I had hired for a, you know, helping me, guide me through, you know, Facebook advertising and creating a webinar and writing the webinar, how to present and all that stuff. And we worked with her for two or three months and we were doing mainly things like organically and stuff like that. We were creating content for the website and sales were like really, really slow. Like we weren't getting anywhere. It was like, eh, I mean it got to a point that she even said, I don't think I'm the right fit for you and let's just move on.

And that's when I said, well, I still need help. I still need to learn from somebody. And I reached out, I saw one of Dan's at Dan's ads. I reached out and he actually called me personally and we spent like an hour on the phone maybe and speaking with him I, I was, I was sure that he was the one who can help me and really what I, what I had was more than anything, I had a little bit of a fear that if he really wasn't going to be involved in all the processes and everything or if he were just going to throw the content at me and that was it. And I can tell you that my fears were totally unfounded. He's like super, super legit. He's been hands on, on every single loop, on every little see thing that we have done. You can go to the sold out courses, Facebook page, post a question and all the members reply and stuff like that.

And most of the time your dad or somebody who it from his staff also replies to your question. So you're basically getting access to him by being in the sold-out courses and Facebook group. And then you have calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays with him and with people from his staff and those calls. He always takes the time to answer your question, to go through all the details. Even if you hit, even if he has to spend an hour with you on the phone until you get it or he helps you figure out what the problem you have and he'll do it for you. And I think just that is worth the price of admission to associate to solo courses. So through show you guys how we've been progressing, it's been like two months since we joined. We were averaging, I would say two or three sales a week before we joined.

And let me just show you a little bit of stats. What has happened so far. So here we are on my click funnels page. I'm going to show you the sales that we did in November, which is when I, when I joined, sorry, November. We're going to go November 15th through November 30th and we did a total of, that's when we joined, right when we joined, we did a total of 12 sales in those 15 days at the end of November, and then in December things started to pick up and we started implementing more of Dan's advice and I can show you their sales in December were pretty decent, especially for a holiday season. We had a total of 39 sales, which is pretty crazy, and just in these first 15 days of January, things have almost, I can say exploded. We have January 1st through January the 18th which is today. We've done almost look at that 44 sales, so this is a crazy amount of sales for us.

It's just been less than 20 days in January. Things have really, really skyrocketed. This is not the actual gross sales because our product is nine 95 and here it's only showing 40 times the three 32 that people pay for the, what are the three payments, but payment plans that, it was actually a thing that Dan suggested for me. So it's been really, really good. And then if you, if you want to deep go deeper in the stats, I can show you here how my cost per lead has decreased the more than I, I've added a dance, a advice and fixing things and getting his help and help from him. Non from his group. My cost per registration has gone down. My sales, like I said, have skyrocketed. As you can see my cancellations have improved and the revenue is just, you know, completely different look at this week compared to that week.

I mean it's just, it's just crazy. And I mean one of the things that Dan likes to see is the ROIs, which is return on ad spend. We were doing two or three times our ad spend when we started and now we've got it this year we've been close to seven and now last week we're close to 11 so definitely if you're thinking about it sold out courses for you, Dan is legit a thank you to everybody who's been in the course helping me. I hope to keep this up to keep, you know, things going good. And I'll see you soon. Bye. Bye.