College Dropout Goes from Flipping Burgers to Consistent Income With New Business

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Shivand was a teenager who'd dropped out of college and worked a job flipping burgers to pay for food. He wanted to do something more and so started a social media agency. Then he joined Dan's course to teach him digital marketing skills. With the course in just one month he went from 0 in revenue to $5000 in monthly retainers. Starting his business with the course changed his life in only a month.


Hey guys. My name is Shivand Jaiswal. Just wanted to quickly record this video message for my friend, Dan Henry. I'm based in Sydney and I own a social media agency. Before Dan Henry's course, I was just another teenager, university dropout, flipping burgers just to earn the day-to-day money, but I invested in Dan Henry's course and I was able to scale my social media agency from zero to $5000 on a monthly retainers' income just in a month. I decided to invest in 2017 December, and by January 2018, I was on $5000 every month income just because of Dan Henry's course. So, if you guys are not decided yet that if you want to take on Dan Henry's course or not, guys, you are just wasting time. Invest now and change your life.